Hello. I had a Reiki session a couple weeks ago. I felt the heat from the Reiki masters hands. It was done on a massage table and I was very uncomfortable. She also did crystals and read my angel cards. After the session I expected to feel different but didn't feel anything. A couple days later I started have bad luck. 

I don't know why but I suspected it was the Reiki. I went to see an Asian lady at my work who is a Reiki master and she said that Reiki is not suppose to be bad. She said she would take care of me. 

She took me in a room she prayed and then she did a ritual on me. She released the negative energy. I immediately felt warmth on neck and felt the release.

She said that she felt the negative energy leave my body. The women who performed my first Reiki session did something to me. 

I still believe that if done correctly it can have a positive result but I recommend everyone be careful. 

Please let me know if anyone has had a similar experience.