I was talked into trying a reiki session about 7 years ago . I was told it would help relax me after a stressful time in my life getting over ovarian cancer. 

I wasn' on any treatment and had been given the all clear so what I experienced had nothing to do with medication.

I was looking forward to this feeling of being relaxed and energised so was shocked at what really happened.

As I pay on the bed and she moved focus to my head my whole body started shaking . I had a cold sweat and felt like I was going to black out. The lady stoped and gave me a moment to see if it passed. 

As soon as it started again the shaking got worse and I began to feel sick . We both decided it wasn't a good idea to carry on and the lady said she hadn' came across anything like it at all .

When I came out the treatment room my friend took one look at me and realised something was wrong . I was as white as a sheet and felt floaty .

It took a good few weeks to get over this and I had low moods and a feeling of a mix of anger tears and at times out of touch .

Horrible experience and never again would I try or advise anyone to try it. 

I think we need to think twice before trying any therapy like this. We clearly don' know enough about it and shouldn' treat everyone that says it works  as text book cases .