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bodybuilding steroids and side effects? has anyone experienced hair loss and breasts shrinking?

Hi. I'm 28, woman. I've started bodybuilding some years ago and I feel it brought me a lot of positive things. So I wanted to go further but of course I'd need to take some medication. I talked it over with the other girls. I'm prepared for some virilization of my body and I don't care about the...

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teenage weightlifting

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 46 year old male and I have some questions about my son’s health. You see, he’s only 15 and wants from me to buy him some weight for some home practice. But, I'm not so sure should I do this because the truth is that I don’t know anything about teenage weightlifting. I have never...

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Can running increase height?

Answered by a doctor

I want to know if running or anything like it increases height. If so, how fast and how long should I be running, also how much? I am 16 and 5'6. I weigh 150lbs and I want to grow taller. Please help.

by User avatar Lean Muscle250109

Can I increase my height after 21.

I am a 21 years old and 5'7" in height aproximatly. Can I increase my heigh? My father is 5'8" and my mother is 5'2". Please help my by giving me some suggestions. 

by User avatar Ambrish

fusion back surgery and exercises after

Hello! I am about to have a fusion back surgery and I was wondering if I will have to do some exercises after it as a part of rehabilitation?

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gaining height and body build

what will i do gain height and build my body.>>>>>> please i need answer.

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can push ups affect my height?

i am 17 years old and i am lightly fat ,the pushups can effect the height?

by User avatar yaseer shah

Can Fitness Clothing Affect Your Workout?

Fitness takes a lot of dedication and motivation to continue towards a healthy lifestyle. Many women have specific things that keep them motivated and make them want to work out more to benefit their health and keep them fit. Fitness clothing is meticulously designed to tailor your workout and...

by User avatar caring dancer

Does lifting weights affect a 13 year old boy's growth?

I'm thirteen and I'm lifting weights for a week now but my mom says I should stop because I haven't fully grown and I should wait until I stop growing because my body would not focus on growing but instead it will focus on muscle growth. Is this true?

by User avatar You.