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Boobs bounce when you exercise, no matter what size you are.

In a study, all the women’s breasts bounced at the same rate during fast sprints and slow jogs, no matter what size they were.

All that bouncing action stretches the tissue - making for tender breasts – and can cause the irreversible sagging.

Whether you are a brisk walker or a serious runner, make sure you wear an encapsulation bra.

Its separate molded cups keep the sisters still better than compression bras which limit only up and down movements.


Hello there Lori,

I am exercising for almost 10 years now, and I am using ordinary sports bra which is doing its job perfectly. But then again I am small size and I have never felt need to have some super bra for gym or some other kind of exercising.

My friend is using some super ultra-bra, but she is size D and unfortunately she says that the sagging of breasts is inventible no matter what she does. Trainer suggests her to walk instead of running and she says, although she is losing more time, that her breast don’t bounce and she is planning to continue with this new exercise program.

Are there any other experiences when it comes to this subject?