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Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery Tips I've Learned

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 31 year old male who underwent a traditional scalpel hemorrhoidectomy five days ago to remove two internal and two external hemorrhoids. I did a lot of research beforehand and have been very grateful that so many people have shared their experiences and tips because my surgeon, while he...

by User avatar B2TheO157697

There's blood on my butt, but not on stools!

Answered by a doctor

I wipe very well every time I use the bathroom... but when I use the restroom I notice above the whole I am bleeding... my poop is not bloody but my butt cheeks are...I clean it and wash but it is still raw and bloody and it hurts to sit at doesn't seem to be on the inside, but I do clean...

by User avatar Mrskinny

More gas after surgery

I noticed that I have a lot more gas after my surgery. Anybody else have this?

by User avatar gladit'sover107600

Leakage After Hemorrhoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I had a hemorrhoidectomy over 3 months ago and I am borderline depressed because of the fecal leakage. My anus is now much more "open" at resting state than it was previous to the surgery. My underwear/sanitary napkins often has fecal material in that area abutting the anus. If I eat tons of fiber...

by User avatar Guest

Prolonged pain from Hemorrhoids

Answered by a doctor

After a bowel movement, my hemorrhoids increase in size and hurt so much that the pain actually generates down my leg and into my foot on the left side. This pain lasts at times for a couple of days and I have a hard time getting up or walking. I have a terrible time turning over in bed. I have...

by User avatar Jim C

Anal Stenosis after Hemorrhoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I had hemorrhoidectomy done 5 weeks ago. Have I known the pain was gonna be that intense I would have never done it and I dont' recommend that surgery to anyone unless it's the only thing that stands between you and death. After 5 weeks of pain, constipation and discomfort I am still unable to have...

by User avatar INCOGNITO50041

After Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery - Recovery time, Swelling, Pain

Answered by a doctor

Just had hemorrhoidectomy surgery 4 days ago (on a Wednesday). Asked the Dr. prior to surgery when I would be able to go back to work, and he said Monday. It is now Sunday morning, and there is no way I would be able to sit down at my office for a full days work. Not feeling much pain. The pain...

by User avatar Guest

can a doctor prevent you from getting post hemorrhoid surgery stenosis?

Hi, can a doctor prevent you from getting post haemorrhoid surgery stenosis?I had my surgery more than 5 months ago,Dr never informed me of any complications.I have been through hell and back and feel that i should have been informed of what i was getting myself into.

by User avatar ziahra123

Hemorrhoid surgery and surgeon recommendation-NYC. I have anal muscle pain when sitting on chair

I have anal muscle pain when sitting on chair for half a year and can't get any improvement. I have a little pain during BM but never have blood. There is a big skin tag on my back passage and it always comes,out during BM. I plan to take traditional hemorrhoid surgery recently because i can't sit...

by User avatar kisadidaenjoy

narrowing and hemorrhoids after hemorrhoidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I had a hemorrhoidectomz 8 weeks ago. Ever since then I have been on and off severely constipated. Ever since surgery my hole has been narrower, and the stools have been as thin as pencils. I thought that maybe this would eventually go away but it still hasn't. The doctor said that I have anal...

by User avatar anoody