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Swelling and Pain After Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

Answered by a doctor

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by User avatar Jenny3481

I had extensive internal and external hemorrhoids removed and the initial recovery was horrible

Answered by a doctor

I had hemorrhoid surgery 5 months ago and I was told by my gastro and surgeon that recovery would take 2 weeks.  Yeah right. I had extensive internal and external hemorrhoids removed and the initial recovery was just as horrible as many have described.  I prefer natural child birth...

by User avatar Finallyfoundrelief!357047

I had hemorrhoid surgery 3 days ago and got removed both internal and external. Still no pain

Had hemorrhoid surgery 3 days ago. Have had 8 removed.  External and internal.  No problems.  Very minimal pain.  No problems.  Would recommend it if you're having problems.  Don't believe all the pain hype. Only pain meds i have had was...

by User avatar Guest

My Hemorrhoid cure....No surgery, no pain, no scaring

Answered by a doctor

I had been a hemorrhoid sufferer for 30 years with stage 3 prolapsed hemorrhoids, including 2 that were internal and one that was external. I had read an article in the Hippocrates Health Institute, November 2009 issue of an individual who had not only a serious case of hemorrhoids but also...

by User avatar martinv134040

Does having hemorrhoids affect your erections?

Does hemorrhoids effect erections?

by User avatar Guest

Can hemorrhoids cause impotence or any penile dysfunction?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I occasionally suffer from Hemorrhoids, and have been told that they can cause impotence. Nothing I have read about Hemorrhoids seems to correlate with this, but it would but my mind at great ease if a medical professional could dispell the notion for me. Or is there any link? I have no...

by User avatar 0209510

Post- Hemorrhoidectomy Care

Answered by a doctor

*** I am not a doctor, no where near it, I am a 20yr old student studying science of the earth, I know very little of the body, the only crudentials I have on this topic are purely from expirience (which i think has been the best crudential) and word of mouth through others, everybody is different,...

by User avatar Guest

Is the blood thinner aggravating the problem with Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

I take Plavix a blood thinner, I currently have internal bleeding hemorrhoids that have bled for several weeks. Is the blood thinner aggravating the problem?

by User avatar mjhaag44

My Experience with THD - Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, Over the last couple of months I've regularly visited this site for personal education on hemorrhoids and the various treatments. I finally underwent the THD procedure (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization) this last Friday and wanted to share my personal experience with...

by User avatar [GM]162451

I got 4 banded hemorrhoids, but a few days later, I'm still not bleeding like doctor said I would

I went to the doctor Wednesday about having some skin tags removed. He told me, it was excessed skin that was pushed out from when I was having hemorrhoid problem. so he examined me more, and saw the Hemorrhoid that I was talking about having problems with. So we decided to band it. while he was...

by User avatar Guest