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allergic to most antibiotics

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am allergic to most antibiotics, so when I get an infection it’s almost impossible to get a medicine for me. Even when I get a safe antibiotic, I always take it with fear of having allergy or side effects. Is there any other option for me, except antibiotics?

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Allergy to Anti-inflamatories

Answered by a doctor

Last few months I have problems with rheumatoid arthritis. Because of this, my doctor gave me anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce inflammation due to my rheumatoid arthritis. I guess all this is normal, and I am not the only one with this prescription. Problem is that I noticed as I have allergic...

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Lidocaine Allergic Reaction?

I had to have a sliver of wood removed from my hand roughly 2 weeks ago. The Dr. used lidocaine for the local anesthetic. I have not had lidocaine before however, I have never had an allergic reaction to "Medical treatments" before. One week (roughly) after the treatment I got a rash on my...

by User avatar Fowler

Swelling of upper lip in teenage daughter

Answered by a doctor

My 15 year old daughter developed a swollen upper lip in Dec. 2005, to which it tripled in size. I thought it was an allergic reaction to Aleve,(she had taken it before but had no side affects) so I called poison control and they instructed me to give her Benadry, which I did, and it seemed to help....

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severe allergy to tylenol

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have one dilemma. I had very high fewer last weeks. It was followed with sneezing, coughing, runny nose etc. My doctor advices me to take Tylenol. It did not help a lot. It starts to be worse then it was before. Swelling and redness has appeared yesterday. Can it be connected with this...

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I have been getting bilateral epidural injections for back pain and started bleeding. It won't stop

I have been getting bi lateral epidural injections for back pain I recently started bleeding since feb 222 and haven't stopped yet jist a biopsy

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What is the name of the blood test/DNA test that can tell what antibiotics you are allergic to?

What is the name of the blood test/DNA test that can tell what antibiotics you are allergic to. Wits end.

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Is this side effect to estradiol dose related? i developed blisters on one leg

Recently started estradiol at 2mg/day. Increased it after 2 weeks to 4mg/day and developed the classical blisters on one leg related to estradiol. Are those blisters drug related or dosage related? If drug related, is this side effect related to all prescription estrogens or just to estradiol?

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Allergy to paracetamol, Two hours later my eyes were red and itchy and my throat was sore

Answered by a doctor

I took some paracetamol four days ago for a headache I had accompanying a head cold. Two hours later my eyes were red and itchy and my throat was sore. The same thing happened a few weeks ago but I didn't realise at the time that it was the paracetamol. My problem now is that I still have some of...

by User avatar Fiona

Anybody allergic to paracetamol?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am concerned for my husband. He is 44 years old and he had a high fever for two days so he used paracetamol. Actually, he has been using it for four days now and even though the fever is gone, it seems that his organism did not like that medication much. He feels nauseous and complains of the...

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