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Everyday-Random Dry-Heaving with no other symptoms!? What's going on?

Answered by a doctor

Sorry for the longevity of this account but I believe it's important. About 2.5 months ago I began a new job that entails a lot of knowledge and a lot of physical training. Prior to obtaining this new job I never had any issues with any physical ailments or medical issues. I've been healthy as...

by User avatar enisei15907

I am strong but don't have big muscles. what sport is the best for me? 

i'm 15yo and i am 1.75 meters in height.. i am so strong but have not big muscles  i have a question.... what  sport is the best for me? 

by User avatar Guest

What other sports do you do?

What other sports do you do besides running? How has running helped and/or how has your other sports helped running? Triathlon: Running is part of it. The swimming and cycling are great cross training and help my avoid running injuries that sidelined my for over a year when I didn't think I could...

by User avatar TriBob

Yoga for second and third trimester? can you suggest me some exercises?

Hello I am pregnant with 9 weeks I want to do exercise and yoga can you suggest something for me

by User avatar nitty pastoralist

Is karate good for children?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. My 5 years old son wants to learn karate. I am not sure it is good, or safe for him. I think he is too young. What do you think? Is karate good for children?

by User avatar Guest

what are the side effects of leaving the gym?

hello, sir... I want to know that the side effects of gymnastic.... •I want to leave gym... •bt, I don't know its side effects... •if I leave gym,how problem I will face the next time....

by User avatar AURPITA SAHA CHAITEE352108

Any suggestions for a Boxing Workout program?

Boxing Workout Program

by User avatar Inderjeet Kaur357847

pros and cons of a personal trainer

Answered by a doctor

so i signed up with the PT at the gym i joined. (LA fitness, if anyones interested; i really like it). anyway, they suck you in with a oreintation session for the weight machines on the floor. at the end of the session, they do a body fat analysis, and questionare about your goals/previous workout...

by User avatar Guest

Exercises for pregnant women?

Exercises for pregnant women

by User avatar Nneka357883

Non running sports that work long and lean quads?

Answered by a doctor

Since cutting back on the running, I've noticed my thighs are smaller. This is a good thing, because they're tree trunks. My pants fit so much better, too. Are there any non-running sports that will make my quads long & lean while I build my mileage back up?

by User avatar elkid