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non-virgin 15 year old daughter wearing all white for her easter vigil baptism

She lost her virginity to a boy at a party last year when she was 14 and now she is 15 and finially being baptized at easter vigil in 2015.At our parish,the preteen and teen girls wear the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress with a bonnet,undershirt,cloth diaper,plastic...

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12 yr old son engauging in sex acts with his 7 yr old nephew

i was so devistated today to find my son and his nephew naked on the bed and my son was about to penatrate my son is 12 and my grandson is 7  i really didnt know what to do. is this normal child behavior or should i be worried?

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My 13 years old girl is sexually active

Answered by a doctor

Dear Reader, I was 18 when I got pregnant and never forgive myself for that despite the fact that I used to think that God gave me a precious daughter which I look every single day and feel that despite of my misery, struggle, my life still have some meaning. I am a single mom, was a full time...

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how to tell my husband my 13yo daughter has had sex

Answered by a doctor

i'm really in a bind. i found out in early January 2011 that my daughter had sex with a 20+ yo guy at OUR house sometime in september 2010. she broke down & told me about it cos she said she felt bad keeping it from me. we have always been close - which was such a disappointment to me...

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Should a parent allow their Son or Daughter to sleep naked when it is too hot?

This question is about ​preteens, and teenagers have their bedroom or share a bedroom. The answer would be involved brothers to brothers, sisters to sisters, and brothers, and sisters. This question involves blood children or half-brothers and half-sisters. 

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At what age do you think children of both genders need to stop being naked in front of family guests

At what age do you think children of both genders need to stop being naked when the family has company in their home?

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Do moms belong in the boy's locker room helping undress after swimming?

Do moms belong in the boy's locker room helping undress after swimming?   Most of the boys are 8 to 12 years old, and moms come in to undress, dry hair, or stand inside the open door. A few boys are shy about having to change right next to them.

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Would you have a problem if your son's physical education class had a female teacher in locker room

These boys age would be 11 and 12 years old. The school requires a teacher to be with students at all times to reduce bullying and harassment. This means she will have to supervise the boys in the locker room before class and after returning to the locker room. She will sees them undress and dress,...

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My 14 year old daughter having sex

Answered by a doctor

I just found out that my daughter has had sex. I overheard her on the phone with her boyfriend. I confronted her and yes there were tears from both sides. She had sex about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. I find it odd that a friend (mom, dad, even teen) can ask me for advice and I could...

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My family preferrs to be nude at home

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:-DHI, I AM A 27 YEAR OLD MOM FROM Denmark. 5 4 to 11,year old twin boys....we see no reason to wear cloths in our home or in the woods on our ranch.some mom in USA seem to freak-out even seeing their 3 year old naked.( Many moms even force their kids to wear pajamas to bed.) We see no shame...

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