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I want to get rid of my feet fetish

Answered by a doctor

I have very strong foot fetish.I have it since I was a little boy.When I was 5 years old I started to worship my aunt`s feet. And no one like it even my girlfriend.people lough at me I want to get rid of foot fetish I want to get my attraction to female boobs not feet can you tell me the way to...

by User avatar Guest

Too many thoughts, unable to focus, my body cant keep up.

Answered by a doctor

For a long time I just feel like I have a problem accomplishing things. I feel like I have too many thoughts running through my head. Nothing really bad, but it makes me feel like my body cant keep up with my thought process. That makes me feel down when I cant do something because I'm too...

by User avatar fatjoe123499

Why does my bipolar husband keep running away from me?

Hello guys. I was reading a lot of your posts in here and I found out that a lot of you guys have some issues with their bipolar husbands. So it was really hard for me to come here and to open my soul to the bunch of strangers, but I need to do this because there is no other option for me. Well, I...

by User avatar Worried Wife

Does my boyfriend have a paranoid personality?

Answered by a doctor

I've been dating this guy for about 3 months. Things were good in the beginning, but started to go south during the holidays. He has a lot of family issues (comes from a rich, broken family) so I can see how he can get stressed out. However, he started acting very odd. He thinks his neighbors are...

by User avatar Guest

I think my mom has Paranoid Personality Disorder

Answered by a doctor

I am worried about my mother. Over the last 10 years she has completely cut off contact with longtime close friends. She recently lost her job and now spends almost all day in the house. Her only outlets are myself and my brother. She repeatedly changes the locks on the doors. She will post...

by User avatar JenS

Fluctuating mental state, often unable to be myself or speak clearly

Answered by a doctor

I have some sort of fluctuating mental condition /chemical balance that drastically effects my ability to ‘be myself’ and communicate with others. There are two elements to it: § Mentally: I feel trapped inside my own head – I feel mentally dulled/confused. I cant be ‘in the moment’....

by User avatar brian150336390

thoughts of hurting people

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I am 25 years old and I suffer from anxiety disorder. OCD is in my blood too. Lately, I have violent thaughts, thoughts of hurting people. This doesn’t sound normal to me.

by User avatar Guest

alternative medicine techniques for Borderline Personality disorder treatment

Answered by a doctor

My friend is desperate because his daughter has Borderline Personality disorder for years and she’s getting worse every day. She tried with few different treatments and usually after few weeks she was feeling better but all symptoms always came back. What are alternative medicine techniques...

by User avatar guglielmo117762225

Is hyper empathy syndrome a real thing and how can a person get it?

The title pretty much speaks for itself, but I should probably elaborate. ;) Hyper empathy syndrome was mentioned on another thread, and someone there even mentioned that it can officially be diagnosed (with a lot of stretching it, from my viewpoint - it sounded like "personality disorder...

by User avatar Lioness350837

How to deal with a person who is having antisocial personality disorder?

Hey everyone, I came to a conclusion recently that I have two options: to learn how to deal with this friend of mine who is suffering from antisocial personality disorder or to simply give up on her. I came to realize that i would hate myself if I just gave up on her and didn't really try hard...

by User avatar Guest