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4 weeks pregnant, 2 positive first response pregnancy tests, and started bleeding with red clots

Yesterday I got 2 positive First response pregnancy tests & 2 digital equates that said PREGNANT! I started spotting brown yesterday & red clots period today! I'm bummed. My first kid no spotting & second kid I spotted and she was ok, I have two living, one tubal preganncy (self...

by User avatar Philsamava

duphaston safety in early pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, Doctor prescribed me duphaston(10mg)BD for first 3 months of pregnancy.Believing her I took one tab at night & one in morning.But on the net I read many articles questioning about its safety in early pregnancy.Now I am really worried.I have taken no further of these tabs.She still says it...

by User avatar east 2008

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and not sure if my current boyfriend is a father of my baby

Alrighty so this is a long one and I really hope I can get some answers..    So my current boyfriend will be guy A and the other guy will be B. So guy A and I have been together for a little over a year, with one 10 day break, where guy B was involved. So guy A and I were having sex...

by User avatar Guest

I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and I had unprotected sex with 3 men around the time I was ovulating

I'm currently eight weeks pregnant and I had unprotected sex with three men around the time I was ovulating. My cycle was July 18, 2017, and my ovulation day was July 31, 2017. I had sex with prospect number 1, on July 30, and he busted on me, I then had sex with prospect number 3 on my ovulation...

by User avatar Hot'n'Pregnant

Unexplained Bleeding during 2nd trimester

Answered by a doctor

I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child, and have had two occasions of bleeding during this pregnancy (at 21 wks & at 25 wks) that have had me admitted to the hospital with no explaination to the cause. My cervix was closed on examination and the placenta in perfect condition after...

by User avatar LisaB

Possible father? I was told that I conceived in mid-April, but can the guy from March be the dad?

Hi I had sex with a guy March 31st once my period should have came April 1st can’t remember. Went to the doctor and told her when I shoulda had my period and the dating scan match it perfectly.. Well I had sex with my boyfriend all of April and I was told I conceived around April 10-14 could the...

by User avatar Guest

Have an ovuation ?\'s

OK everyone I am so confused. I have been doing some research on ovulation. I have also been checking for ovulation by my cervix. Last week I thought I was ovulating because my cervix was very soft and high. I have been checking my cervix on a regular basis. it remains Higher but it is still soft...

by User avatar Guest

how to avoid pregnancy with medicine???

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I m a 23 years old girl..I m Pregnant & it is only 2 weeks..but i dont want baby..Pls could some1 tell me,is there any good medicine to terminate? as i dont want to do abortion..If any1 know abt any medicine thn pls tell me the medicine's name & website address or mailing...

by User avatar Guest

when did I fall pregnant in January or February? I don't know if I'm pregnant 22 or 24 weeks

Hi. Hope someone can help me out.  I had intercourse on the 25th January,then took the morning after pill the 29th Jan. My next period in February started the 9th,a normal complete 7 day period as my usual which means my last day was the 16th. Then had intercourse between the 18th & 23rd...

by User avatar Syds

I’m not sure on who is the father. I am 24 weeks pregnant

I am 24 weeks pregnant today and I had sex with two guys don’t judge. At the time one was my boyfriend & one was my ex boyfriend. With my boyfriend I had sex with him on February 3rd and 4th with a condom 8th no condom and 10th condom of 2018 and my ex boyfriend on February...

by User avatar Guest