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Re: being pregnant with endometriosis

Answered by a doctor

Hi i suffer with endometriosis for 3 years the doctors told me the i would probably never be able to conceive to have children. with endometriosis I am six weeks pregnant now but last night i started to bleed like i was having a normal period i ave no pain but my bleeding occurs off and on i went to...

by User avatar LINZI23

I am 14 and pregnant and on a lot of depression medications. How can I tell my mom?

Answered by a doctor

hi I am 14 and pregnant and I am on a lot of meds for depression 1 have no idea how to tell my mom... what do I do ? please help

by User avatar Guest

I had a surgery for ruptured appendicitis 4 months ago. Now I'm pregnant. Any complications?

4 months i had a surgery, rapture appendicitis. now i am pregnant. what will happen in my surgery?  

by User avatar Guest

how to avoid pregnancy with medicine???

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I m a 23 years old girl..I m Pregnant & it is only 2 weeks..but i dont want baby..Pls could some1 tell me,is there any good medicine to terminate? as i dont want to do abortion..If any1 know abt any medicine thn pls tell me the medicine's name & website address or mailing...

by User avatar Guest

Im 4 months pregnant and been taking Tramadol the whole pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I have been addicted to Tramdol for over 2 years. I found out that I am pregnant, I am 4 months along now and still take Tramadol. I only take like 2 a day though. So I was wondering if this will affect my baby in any way?? I hear different things from different people.

by User avatar Kate1234

Pregnant with double uterus & bleeding!

 I got pregnant on August 20th.  On October 15 of this month I started spotting I immediately called my Doctor. And they got me in for a emergency ultrasound and that’s when they discovered that I had two uteruses. In uterus #1 she said that you could see the sack and the...

by User avatar Grdxco

loss of appetite during early pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

can i lose my appetite after 1 week of pregnancy

by User avatar susan

i m 1 month pregnant and i dont want this baby what tablets or capsules should i use?

Answered by a doctor

i m 1 month pregnant i don't want this baby :-( :-( :-( please help b'coz i have had a baby just 1 year back wen i was 19 and i don't want 1 more baby so soon.please give me some names of tablets that i can use after every sex so that i don't get pregnant.please help

by User avatar safibaby

duphaston safety in early pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, Doctor prescribed me duphaston(10mg)BD for first 3 months of pregnancy.Believing her I took one tab at night & one in morning.But on the net I read many articles questioning about its safety in early pregnancy.Now I am really worried.I have taken no further of these tabs.She still says it...

by User avatar east 2008

I am 23 weeks pregnant and we had sex last night. Now having stomach pain and discharge

I am 23 weeks pregnant and my partner and I had sex last night. And since then my tummy keeps on hurting but I dont feel its the same as I was on labor on my first. Then I also ate some pineapple and I started to leak like I was literally peeing myself with tons of water. Is this something?

by User avatar sarahshapiro11375