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Why do i have Mid-foot pain?

I was running tonight and around mile 4, my toes started to hurt. Just the four small toes on my left foot. By 5.5 miles, I had a distinct pain in the middle/top of my foot. It's pretty painful, and I was definitely favoring my right leg for the last half mile. It's a pretty centralized pain on the...

by User avatar MechEngDropout

Where do your runs start?

Kind of a light question, but I'm curious. Do you start your mileage right from the front door? End of the driveway? Do you walk a bit for a warmup and then start "the run"? I'm a "end of the driveway" kinda guy. A 20-second walk and I'm runnin'. :)

by User avatar jrjo

Why does my throat get cold while running?

Answered by a doctor

I'm very new to running and body building in general. I've never had much luck with running. In high school they made us run a mile and I didn't like it at all. Mostly because when I run my throat just gets really cold. It's not REALLY bad but enough to bother me a great deal. Indoors on a tred...

by User avatar afipunk

How should I breathe when I run

I have always had trouble breathing 

by User avatar Star01362520

I added some weight, will this affect how fast I run

Hi, I'm Logan and I'm a sprinter. I used to way 53 KG but after a few months I added weight, now I weigh 57 KG. Will this affect my Running Speed? I haven't noticed any changes but I'm getting a little worried. 

by User avatar Logan

Why am i getting dizzy while running?

Answered by a doctor

After doing my long run yesterday I got dizzy and a terrible case of the spins. Is this a sign of dehydration? Has this ever happened to any of you? I could not walk for a few minutes until I sat and had something to drink. I've never experience something like this brought on by any of my long...

by User avatar Noley

How much should a runner drink?

I know this a borderline question, but just wondering for the sake of the new runners. I was reading my book on sports nutrition last night, and it says to drink 8 oz of water an hour. minimum. So, I decide to do it. Let me tell you. It's tough. I've been peeing all day. And I've still...

by User avatar coachmarkos

Interval running schedule?

Answered by a doctor

I had an interval running schedule that was something like: WEEK 1 Mo - Rest Tu - Run 4 min / walk 2 min for 30 min We - Rest Th - Run 4 min / walk 2 min for 35 min Fr - Rest Sa - Run 4 min / walk 2 min for 45 min Su - Recovery run - run 5 min / walk 3 min for 30 min WEEK 2 Mo - Rest...

by User avatar jnojr

Use big in a common expression game!

use it in a common expression.... Big Apple.

by User avatar rolling rock

Would being lighter on my feet help reduce shin pain?

Hi. I have been training for 3 weeks for a physical fitness test. I have 2 weeks until the test. I have been told that I run like a tank , have bad form and that I need to get faster on my feet. Any suggestions for agility exercises? Also everytime I run, weither its 2 miles or 5 miles, I get...

by User avatar Guest