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Hey RFers,

I posted this in the Med Tent over at CR and only got a few responses.

Hoping I can get some more advice here. As of today Saturday I still have some twinging pain when stretching or trying to do too much. HELP!!!! :|

Please help with some advice. Sorry for the length but I know nothing of physiology and I want to put in as much detail as possible.

Last Thursday- 4mi run. About halfway through I got a sharp twinging pain in my right heel on the outside--on the side of the heel, not bottom of the foot. As I ran it felt more tingly, almost pins and needles, but would flare up to a white-hot flash of pain whenever I landed hard on my heel or turned a corner or pivoted. It was bothersome but not enough to stop this run.

Friday- short run. Same pain but again not enough stop me, though it did slow me down.

Saturday, Rest day but it hurt worse, especially if I raised my foot with my heel planted on the ground.

Sunday-8 mile run. Hurt progressively as I started, but by mile 4-8 was just pretty numb unless I really came down hard on it. Early in the run I could tell I was compensating my gait to try to minimize injury to the heel. Eventually found a resonable gait but I know that this isn't a good practice.

Tuesday-4mi run. Heel no worse today, but now a pain opposite the heel injury on my right ankle inside behind the bone going up the ankle. Definitely slowed me; felt like a muscle/tendon strain. Is this a result of compensating for the heel injury over the weekend?

What are these two things? Are they related? Treatment suggestions?

Thanks for your advice. I'm just about to up my training to prep for a half in February and don't want to make some stupid newbie mistake that keeps me out of the game for too long.


Rex, not much help but I think the 2nd injury could very possibly be from adjusting your gait from the first injury. I had a similar experience over the summer with a combination of the 2 injuries keeping me down 3 months. Last week the initial injury reappeared. I haven't run for 8 days and hopefully I can be back sooner than 3 months keeping it to a single injury this time by not trying to train through it. Hope you figure it out. Injuries suck. :(