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Good day. I went for a run and within 10 min my heel started to hurt. After I got home I did some searching on the net and my best guess is I aggravated my Achilles tendon where it attaches to the heel. Just wondering about some kind of treatment. I did some ice and I have tried some heat but it still hurts after a couple weeks. I have not done any running since that day but I do work on my feet with walking(factory work). Any help would be appreciated since I would like to get back to running before the winter really hits.



does it hurt on the back of your heel/leg or on the bottom of your foot?

if you are on your feet all day, on concrete, you may want to get special inserts for your shoes to help with the shock absorption. the combination of running and standing all day may be causing the problem. you'll also need to consider what shoes you're running in....invest in a good pair of running shoes that are made for your gait/arch/footstrike. a competent running specialist at a store can help you decide which shoe is right for you..depending on how your foot rolls on the strike (inward or outward) and how high or flat your arch is.

in the meantime, i'd do gentle calf stretches and use ice, not heat, on the tendon. if it really continues to bother you, i'd see a doctor to make sure it hasn't been torn.

good luck :wavey: