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Nighttime Leg sweating

Answered by a doctor

I am a 35 year old male. My legs only sweat at night, enough to make the sheets soaking wet. What could be causing this?

by User avatar kdc1124

My butt crack sweats and smells really bad when I sit down even for 20 minutes.

Answered by a doctor

I have a problem similar to what you guys are saying. I'm in 9th grade right now and my butt seems to get damp in the crack and it's emberrassing because it makes a gross smell. When I'm in class and I get up it feels like it's wet. I don't know why. I take showers everyday, I do laundry every week,...

by User avatar Lakers9201

sweating a lot. when I'm sweating I get really thirsty and start getting dizzy and having headache

hi im 39 years old  and im sweating alot  and when i sweat  i get really hot and i get really thirsty and i get dizzy and i get a really bad headache . and i dont know why my body is doing this  please write back to me  and help me  thanks 

by User avatar own timeout

sweat on my head while eating spicy or hot food

Answered by a doctor

I am 30 yrs old. As i remeber since my child hood i get lot of sweat whenever i eat spicy or hot food on my head. Does any body know about this problem? Please share your feelings with me. i haven't been to any doctor about this problem. Thanks in advance VK

by User avatar venukesani44830

ass sweats too much

Answered by a doctor

I have a huge problem for my ass sweats too much-and it is not funny trust me-it is so embarrassing for me and it is not like I could change my pants regularly while I am at work. Sometimes it is enough only 20 min to sit for me and when I stand up I have this huge wet area all over the back of my...

by User avatar Guest

Tiny little water bubbles on my skin?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 28, I've spent my whole life out in the sun, in the summer, outside as long as the sun is. Rarely do I ever wear sunblock, my face is always protected because I do wear moisturizer and powder with SPF. I love the heat, 100 degree weather I'm out in the sun, always was a heat magnet, I hate being...

by User avatar Iohne

Excessive sweating when standing

Answered by a doctor

I am a 58 year old female, post menopausal and overweight. For the past 15 years I have noticed that when I stand for any length of time, I start sweating excessively. It does not matter if the temperature is hot or cold. It does not matter if I am moving or standing still....within a few minutes...

by User avatar fubsey

swelling after sunburn

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me something about the effects of sun exposure. I always thought that the symptom of sunburn is red hot skin. At least that was my experience. However, a friend of mine told me that people with pale skin can have serious sunburns and that in some cases swelling...

by User avatar Guest

Sudden appearance of red dots on legs after being in a hot sun

After being in hot sun, noticed 2 very small red dots above ankle (under skin only- like marker dots). Several hours later they were 3 x's larger and I realized there were now other 'dots' in dif areas of both legs. 1 here, 1 there adding up but far apart from eachother. Anybody know anything?...

by User avatar Guest

My almost 6 year old daughter has underarm odor -Isn't she too young???

Answered by a doctor

My almost 6 year old daughter has had underarm odor for the last few days. Isn't she too young?? When she was born she had a breast bud on one side, which the doctor said sometimes happens. My concern is that she may have a hormonal problem of some sort. I am making an appointment with the...

by User avatar laurielou