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Tightness, fullness, painful neck post Thyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I am 8 month Post Thyroidectomy (Large Substernal with deviated Trachea. Immediately after surgery I began feeling tightness, pressure fullness and a pulling and stretching in the entire neck area. It is still the same today 7 months later. I have had numerous post op visit with surgeon along...

by User avatar Marsha

thyroidectomy surgery side effects

Answered by a doctor

I am thinking about thyroidectomy because of my enlarged thyroid gland. It is really discomforting and cosmetically unattractive. I would like to know what side effects I can experience from performing such surgery. Is there anybody who could help me? Thank you in advance

by User avatar Guest

Parathyroid surgery recommendations for a physician

Has anyone used Dr. Babak Lavian in LA for parathyroid surgery? How do you feel about your experience?

by User avatar Brittney

I have a Thyroid Nodules which are not very significant in size right now

Thyroid Nodules very insignificant right now, butkeeping y eye on them

by User avatar Suma G

Synthroid Levothyroxine Weight Gain! Borderline Hypothyroidism but in normal range

I went to the doctor a month ago and he did my bloodwork and said I am still within normal range but on the low end for my thyroid producing hormone. He put me on 75mcg of Synthroid. I have BALLOONED! Everything I eat I retain. I went from 127 to 142 in 4 weeks. I am puffy. None of my clothes fit....

by User avatar Guest

My Hair Turned Curly After Partial Thyroid Removal

Answered by a doctor

It is normal for perfectly straight hair to turn curly after a partial thyroid removal surgery? I am growing my hair out after this surgery and it is coming in curly-curly-curly ... ringlets even. This is my only after affect and I am learning to embrace it but am surprised that this could occur....

by User avatar spikester47111

hyperparathyroidism-anyone know of a surgeon close to Akron OH that does the Mirp?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone know of a surgeon close to Akron OH that does the Mirp. I was just diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and have most of the symptoms. Thanks, Beth

by User avatar Beth Scott109327

Muscle/Joint Pain Following Total Thyroidectomy. Is severe pain normal following that procedure?

I have had joint/bone pain since my teens due to Osteoarthritis (I am now 64). In mid-December 2018, I had a total thyroidectomy and pain levels are now off the chart, especially in the shoulders, arms, and legs. This pain is non-stop and nothing helps. It has come to the point where most days...

by User avatar Ramona

does anyone know of minimally invasive surgeon for parathyroid in tennessee

does anyone know of minimally invasive surgeon for parathyroid in tennessee

by User avatar Guest

plantar fasciitis hypothyroid

Answered by a doctor

I felt pain in heel few days ago. When I woke up it is bad, but when I walk a little it became ok. Then I visited my doctor and he told me that symptom is plantar fasciitis. What made me worry is that I heard he’s saying something of hypothyroid. Now I would like to know how I could get both of...

by User avatar Guest