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cortisone injection caused my thyroid to go into over production. now levels are returning to normal

I had a cortisone injection on my right knee and then I started having spells where it seemed I was having a heart attack. Found out that my thyroid was over producing and my spells are getting less as the levels are returning to normal.

by User avatar Guest

Are all the reoccurring problems/symptoms caused by hypothyroidism or are they from meth use

Are all the reoccurring problems/symptoms that I keep crediting to my thyroid disease or hypothyroidism actually reoccurring symptoms/side effects of methamphetamine use? My thyroid has been checked twice in the past 9 months and my hormone dosage has not been changed. I have dry skin and brittle...

by User avatar Ashley Maria

Thyroidectomy and weight gain - Good stories only PLEASE!!

Answered by a doctor

Hi all, I am having a thyroidectomy soon and I am concerned about weight gain. I am petite and have not had any problems losing weight in the past, and really like the way I am right now. I am not hypo or hyper at the moment, but because of a really large nodule that is suspicious for cancer, it...

by User avatar leigh77121342

Post Parathyroidectomy Problems

Answered by a doctor

I had a total parathyroidectomy last year. I am taking Calcium and Vitamin D tablets. I am 33 years old. My symptoms since the operation (and still plague me to this day) are: Achy bones - some days I feel 70 years old Feet really hurt in the morning Achy muscles (all over my body) Weight Gain...

by User avatar wildcherry135214

shortness of breath and upper chest tightness after total thyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

I am 27 years old, diagnosed with a complex left thyroid nodule and 3 small solid thyroid nodules on the right in Jan this year. They came on very quickly and did not cause me any real problems. Due to their character on my FNA and ultrasound, I underwent total thyroidectomy in late Feb this year at...

by User avatar LJ

Mixture of Symptom..Severe Fatigue, Massive Weight Gain, Dep

Answered by a doctor

No one can figure out what is going on, but is is taking a huge toll on not only me, but my family. I am only 23 years old. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with hypothroidism. In my last pregnancy (2006) the doctor said it was no longer a problem. I have no idea how it just went away. Well, I feel...

by User avatar ashleybauman

I had blood work done due to my stomach issues and my TSH were pretty high

Hello everyone and I'm sorry if this is a big post but these past few days I had some blood work due to my stomach issues that have been bothering me for the past 6 months to figure out what could be the issue and it turns out my TSH were pretty high (?). So I went to endocrinologist who told me...

by User avatar Guest

Parathyroid surgeons who perform MIRP

Answered by a doctor

I am suffering from hyperparathyroidism and have been referred to a general surgeon for removal of the affected parathyroid gland and a thyroid nodule. I have been researching the minimally invasive mini surgery and am looking for surgeons in Michigan or surrounding states. I would also like to...

by User avatar guest

hyperparathyroidism/Dr. Nicholas Coe/ Dr. James Norman

Answered by a doctor

I have primary hyperparathyroidism and am considering surgery. Has anyone had this done by Dr. Nicholas Coe of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Ma? Does anyone have feedback on whether to get Minimally invasive surgery for this? What about Dr. Norman in Tampa? thanks, leslie

by User avatar leslie

Weight gain prevention just after total thyroidectomy?

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 23 year old female with a pretty high metabolism and a genetically petite build. I also work out regularly. I just had a total thyroidectomy a week ago and I've started reading all about how people have gained weight from this. I'm just wondering how badly a person like me would be affected by...

by User avatar Laluna5799929