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how everyone is doing after parathyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing after surgey.

by User avatar texgranny69564

CT scan reveals surgical clips after TT ? Why?

Answered by a doctor

I had a CT scan and found out (after many complaints to all my doctors), I've got metal surgical clips in my neck. My surgeon never told me about this. I'm very confused and very afraid because of the increased pain I've been experiencing since my TT. Why would they do this to me? I now can't get...

by User avatar Guest

minimally invasive parathyroid surgeon in pa

Answered by a doctor

I'm looking for a parathyroid surgeon in pa who has done the same type of operations performed by Dr. Norman in Tampa.

by User avatar Guest

Dr Norman/Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa,Fl

Answered by a doctor

I'm interested in reviews on Dr Norman &  Norman Parathyroid Center  in Tampa, Florida. I have a 15 year old that will be visiting there in a few weeks. The website is impressive but would like to hear about experience from actual patients. Thank you for the help

by User avatar kimbo6288930


Answered by a doctor

My mom had surgery done where they removed all 4 parathyroids as well as a nodule.Since her surgery she has been having a lot of problems.She has had numbness/tingling since surgery and it is getting worse .She has gotten to the point where she is chewing the inside of her mouth without even...

by User avatar Concerned Daughter3165779

Surgeons that perform MIRP in Ohio

How can I find a surgeon in the Toledo Ohio area that is experienced in MIRP

by User avatar Guest

alternatives to thyroid surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a multinodular goiter that I have been monitoring for the past 12 years. It is benign, but my endocronologist has recommended surgery. I was wondering if there are any alternatives, specifically I was wondering if anyone had tried ethanol injections or lasers to remove the nodules....

by User avatar Laura7!96332

A Diet Plan That Actually Works With Hypothyroidism

Answered by a doctor

Hi, i have been hypo for about half a year now and i cant seem to lose weight properly without eventually putting it back on, im on 50mcg of Levothyroxine and was wondering if anyone has the same condition as me who is following a diet plan of some sort with no excerise, as i dont have time for...

by User avatar xWelsh_Biatchx17054

changes in thyroid medicine compared to thyroid gland. I developed heart problems

I had my thyroid removed in 2016 because I tested positive for cancer. After surgery it was negative. I had them test again also negative. That is when all my heart problems begin. I developed AFIB and was taking to much thyroid medicine so the cardio version didn't work and didn't know I had to...

by User avatar sewdiva57

Post Thyroid surgery pain, it feels like tiny razors are stabbing a neck

My husband had his thyroid and lymph nodes removed 3 months ago and recently he has been having bad pain in his neck. He says it feels like tiny razors stabbing his neck. Anyone else experience this?

by User avatar Minna5