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can i get pregnant naturally with no fallopian tubes

Answered by a doctor

is it possible to get pregnant the natural way if I have no fallopian tubes

by User avatar mskc

dostinex and pregnancy

I was told my prolactin was 82. I was started on Dostinex and was wondering how long it would take to get pregnant. Does anyone have any information on how long it takes to start working?

by User avatar cat01

for how long after having implant removed can you get pregnant?

I had my nexpanon implant removed on 1/22/19 and was intimate with my bf 3 days later I have not gotten my period but I have been feeling cramps now like if I was to get my period but nothing ... could I be pregnant?

by User avatar Elisa10

I have been trying to conceive with my wife for 3 months now, and we think we both are fine

I have been trying with my wife for 3 months now, but she cant make it and we think we both are fine.. can any body tell me here?

by User avatar Guest

Has anyone heard of a tortuous fallopian tube? Can you still get pregnant?

Hi, Has anyone heard of a tortious fallopian tube? One that has taken on an S shape? Wondering if it is still possible to get pregnant. Also, I had a laparoscopy and it revealed that the dye spilled out minimally. Can I get pregnant?

by User avatar Ebonylor

Having problems getting pregnant after Mirena IUD

Answered by a doctor

I had the Mirena iud for 2 years and had it removed 7 months ago due to cramping and painful intercourse. We started trying to get pregnant 2 months after it was removed and no luck so far. Could this be caused by the Iud??

by User avatar Guest me get pregnant!

My husband and i have decide we want a baby so for the last two months we have been trying to concieve but have not been successful. As far as I know from what i've read on the internet we have been timing it correctly, My last period started on May 25th and we had sex June 6, 7, and 8th. We are...

by User avatar jlud

A right time to get pregnant after delivery? When you are fertile enough?

I want to know when u are fertilize to get pregnant after delivery

by User avatar bigbrain

High prolactin lowered, now how long to get pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

My prolactin was tested and I was told it was high. Took Dostinex for four weeks, prolactin went down. It has been a month since taking it, AF was normal. Wanting to know how long it will take to get pregnant?

by User avatar jeneric96

I had sex with two men about 3 weeks apart. who is the father?

Answered by a doctor

i had sex with two men about 3 weeks apart. the ultrasound says im 9 weeks 2 days. which would make it guy A's baby. Are ultrasounds ever wrong? And me and guy A we used a condom but he said it broke. Guy B just admitted he nutted in me and thinks it might be his. Which honestly i really hope its...

by User avatar Guest