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Can I get pregnant at 48 ?

Answered by a doctor

Ihave been pregnant before (in 1987 and 1989). I am ready to have a baby now (at 48) One (female) doctor has told me that I am TOO OLD. Horrible bedside manner. My blood test revealed that I have increased FSH and decreased estrogen. Does ths JUST mean that I need a shot(s) of estrogen. I...

by User avatar Guest

Want to get Pregnant after Novasure

Answered by a doctor

I am wanting to know if I have any chances at all of getting pregnant after having the Novasure procedure. I had the procedure done almost six years ago and have never had a period or bleeding of any kind since then. My OB told me at my last check-up that the procedure is over 96% effective for...

by User avatar h20_mom140629

can i get pregnant naturally with no fallopian tubes

Answered by a doctor

is it possible to get pregnant the natural way if I have no fallopian tubes

by User avatar mskc

Fallopian Tube Removal and the effect on hormones

Answered by a doctor

Hello I had both of my fallopian tubes removed this week and I forgot to ask my Doctor how or if this will affect my hormones. Does anyone know? Thanks!

by User avatar KittenK31893

Can a man with genital herpes virus father children?

Answered by a doctor

There is a man I am very in love with. But he has genital herpes. I am not infected. Is it possible to have children together without infecting myself or the baby?

by User avatar tayler

not able to conceive after IUD being taken out almost 8 years ago

I have had my IUD in for 7 years I took it out 4 months ago to try n conceive but we have not had any luck , would the IUD cause this?

by User avatar Guest

we are trying to conceive and it bothers me when I have people who got pregnant without trying

So my husband and I are trying to conceive. I keep having people say don’t think about it too much. Or for instance lately I’ve been having cramps and this is 5 DAO. So I mean it could be possible. I get it don’t think about it too much. Wait until you don’t get your period. But it bothers...

by User avatar fateful slide

34year old wants to conceive after removing mirena just 2months...desperately trying after losing 4

Answered by a doctor

I am a 34 year old who has removed mirena on jan.29 and had period after 2 days. After 2 weeks I had it again on the eve of velentine's feb.13. Afterwards we tried vigorously to get pregnant and soon after i felt all the pregnancy symptoms: headaches, sleepiness, tired, hunger, moodiness, and...

by User avatar PostMirena Conception

how can I have another baby if my tubes are tied?

I wonder how can i have other baby if my tubes are tie???  My docter tie them with out me knowing

by User avatar Tara c

please advise_trying to get pregnant with our third child.

i am desperately trying to get pregnant with our third child....upon trying to fall pregnant i all of a sudden had really light periods and they only last 2-3 days..i finally got pregnant after 6 months only to have a 12 week misscarriage!!?? first two beautiful children were concieved in the...

by User avatar zacana