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I haven't had my period in over a year. Can I still get pregnant

I am over 35 years old. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile but I haven't had a period in over a year. 

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can i get pregnant naturally with no fallopian tubes

Answered by a doctor

is it possible to get pregnant the natural way if I have no fallopian tubes

by User avatar mskc

I'm trying to get pregnant, but my periods are irregular. Could using moringa seeds help me ovulate?

Answered by a doctor

pls help me,my period is iregular n i want to get pregnant can i b usin moringa seed to corect it n wil it help to produce ovulation.

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Can i still be infertile?

Answered by a doctor

Ok im 22 years old and i have PCOS I have been pregnant before once when i was 17, but aborted because of personal reason mainly because i was doing senior yr at school and i was having family issues and many other reasons. When i turned 20 i started getting my period from 2-3 months, mood swings,...

by User avatar Jezzica48186

High prolactin lowered, now how long to get pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

My prolactin was tested and I was told it was high. Took Dostinex for four weeks, prolactin went down. It has been a month since taking it, AF was normal. Wanting to know how long it will take to get pregnant?

by User avatar jeneric96

I got my Mirena IUD removed 1.5 years ago and still haven't got pregnant

I got my IUD marina removed about a year and a half ago and I’m still not pregnant  is there something I should worry about and have no STDs and no P ID no pains or anything so why I haven’t  conceived yet?

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Removal of ovary and fallopian tube

Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 19 and has to have her right ovary and fallopian tube removed because of various adhesions and cysts. What are her chances of having a successful pregnancy in the future? And, what are the difficuties women with one ovary and fallopian tube face? Will she be required to take...

by User avatar Nora

Weightloss after laparoscopy and ovarian cyst removal on both ovaries!!!Strange!!!!!?????????????

Answered by a doctor

I went in for a laparoscopy last MONDAY morning my GYN doctor found one 5cm cyst on my right ovary ,and multiple cyst on my left ovary forming as one big cyst. Both ovaries were both drained ,and the cyst were removed ,and a endometriosis speck was found so I am on the birth control pills but...

by User avatar BabyRockz145193

I am a stroke patient who uses aspirin. When trying to conceive, should my baby be affected?

Hi,am 28 i suffer a stroke in August 2016. And am using aspirin. I want to have a baby. Would my baby be affected? Thank u

by User avatar godleysabrina

dostinex and pregnancy

I was told my prolactin was 82. I was started on Dostinex and was wondering how long it would take to get pregnant. Does anyone have any information on how long it takes to start working?

by User avatar cat01