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What Is Prednisone?

Prednisone is a very powerful steroid drug that is also available in other common generic forms including: SK-Prednisone, Deltasone, Orasone, and Meticorten. It is similar in chemical make-up as other hormones produced in/by the adrenal glands. The hormone-producing adrenal glands are close to the ovaries and testicles (reproductive organs), and are rather close to the kidneys - actually right on top of the kidneys. In fact, the steroid cortisone is produced by the outer portion of the adrenal glands, and also helps with the regulation of sodium, water and reduces inflammation.

Prednisone is a drug that patients legitimately needing the drug and the many others who use it for "recreational purposes" are ill-informed about. The drug is fairly safe when used for the right reasons, in the appropriate doses, and is monitored by the prescribing physician. However, the lack of information common in taking this medication is very dangerous and have been fatal in many cases.

Prednisone and Workout

Many individuals use the medication for recreation/aesthetic purposes especially in sports. This is because they can help with pain by controlling inflammation, they help to stabilize and control metabolism and the immune system function, increase one's ability to deal with and even ward off stress, certain illness and can prevent and bolster the body's effect to handle certain injuries.

The drug's role in balancing, importing, and controlling salt and water in the body is critical, and the drug also aids in the development of sexual characteristics-and here is where the medication is often used in conjunction with terms such as body-building, muscles and weights.

Exercise Caution

If your doctor prescribes this drug, it is important that you take the drug as prescribed, and never stop without telling your doctor and especially "cold turkey". Also, do not skip doses, this can be very dangerous. Rather, take the medication at your next normal schedule the next day. It is not recommended you skip a dose, however, do not double-up, simply skip that missed dose. It is also a good idea that if you are taking the medication on a maintenance, long term basis, that you get a Medic-Alert type bracelet or card just in case, and always remember to tell your close friends, family members and all your doctors that you are on this medication.

Common Side Effects

Prolonged use of Prednisone and other steroids, and cortisone-type medications have many side effects. The very common side effects (for some individuals) associated with the medication include but are not limited to: elevated blood sugar levels, increased risk of osteoporosis, mood swings, eating disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, weight gain; visual problems, skin "flare-ups", decreased testosterone levels in some men; thyroid problems and diabetes. Making sure you are monitored by your doctor can greatly reduce such effects.

Prednisone is a very powerful drug with many healing benefits, however, as with most drugs they can save lives, and used and administered inappropriately, can produce very serious side effects, even lethal. As such, speak to your doctor, ask as many questions as possible, get educated about this drug, ask about alternatives as well, and carefully weighs the benefits against the risks. Additionally, please attend your follow-up visits always.

It should not be taken "at will" and do not buy this off the streets, on the internet, gym buddies and so on; since it is difficult/impossible to vouch for its authenticity.

Prednisone is not a "casual drug". There are very dire and serious consequences if you are not being monitored by a physician.

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