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I am so sorry that people are finding all kinds of lymph nodes in their neck etc.  The problem is that the swelling most of us are inquiring about and trying to find out about appears to be a relatively benign problem that occassionally comes and goes.  Right now, my lumps are swollen and I do take Prednisone and Crestor so I do relate my medication with the lumps.  Three doctors told me they were not lymph nodes or glands even when they could not determine the cause.


I do appreciate all the input because it helps many of us to stay on track with the lumps over the collar bone because they really don't have any explanation and personally and according to many other comments... some people think it could be happening to people who take some kind of Cortisone or steriods. 


Keep on sending info....


Certainly steroids can cause the soft supraclavicular swelling. This is common with Cushing's disease which can be caused by steroids taken or the body's own production of cortisol.  But these are fat pads and they don't come and go.  The swelling that you and others describe and what I have, can change daily.  Mine are smallest when I first wake up and largest in the afternoon.  Mine started being most noticable after my steroid levels have gone down.  No one knows what they are, but they are accompanied by pressure in the throat and sides of the neck.  They have nothing to do with lymph nodes. 

So my question have long have you all had these? Have they grown over time or remained stable? Any throat or neck/head pressure with them?