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The Indextra app is a mobile medical library that provides online and offline access to more than 530 medical books, guides, and calculators from the leading publishers, covering all clinical specialties.


Free 30-day trial with full access before subscription purchase for $24.99
91 pts
App Interface Usability
Easy to use with some occasional UX problems
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Multimedia Usage
The books include images and graphs
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Real World Usability
Comprehensive mobile library with hundreds of medical books and clinical guidelines
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Majority of doctors turn to online or mobile resources that help them gather knowledge about particular subjects of their interest or specialty, diagnose patients quickly, and seek a second opinion, among some of the important tasks.

Using online and mobile resources provide quicker access to the medical materials and tools, unlike certain physical resources such as textbooks and medical journals, which often may be outdated and cumbersome to use at the point of care.

Medical providers nowadays need quick access to easy-to-use digital tools that would help free up provider's time and resources, especially for those patients who require urgent care.

This could be even more useful if it'd be possible to have a multitude of these tools and resources all in one spot.

The Swedish-based company Indextra AB developed a mobile app for iOS and Android called Indextra which brings a complete library with medical textbooks, drug guides and clinical guidelines to mobile devices. 

The app provides online and offline access to more than 530 medical books, guides, and calculators from the leading publishers, covering all clinical specialties.

After the users downloaded and started the app, they'd be asked to log into the app by using their email and password or register an account if they haven't registered.

Users are also offered a 30-day free trial to explore the app and its content (the full content is available during the trial). After the trial period, users are charged $24.99 per month for ongoing access (once they confirmed the purchase).

The paid subscription can be canceled at any time. To do this, users should go to the Settings and tap on 'Cancel Subscription.'

In the next step, the Indextra app takes users through a quick tour explaining the main app's features and how to use them. This guided tour is welcomed, however, not necessary, because the app is really straightforward and easy to use.

The app opens to the 'Explore' tab featuring all books and guides sorted by specialties. There are 30 clinical specialties listed alphabetically, including Anesthesia, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, General Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, and more.

All specialties have associated books and guides listed below the name of the specialty that can be browsed through by swiping left and right and downloaded to the device. This action requires the Internet connection, however, once downloaded, the books and guides are available for offline access.

The books and guidelines come mostly from Oxford University Press and Wiley, while the app developers also list other sources such as Elsevier, NICE, Cambridge University Press, WHO, and more.

To get the book/guide, users should simply tap on the 'Download' below the image. The app also indicates the size of the material that would be downloaded in MB.

Once downloaded, the book/guide would be available in 'Your content' section. Here, users can use the filter to sort out content by specialty.

Reading a downloaded book is no different than reading any other e-book on your device. You can scroll up and down between the chapters, or use the 'QuickNav' button located on the right edge of the screen to access the Table of Contents to navigate easily through the book or bookmark favorite chapters.

The books contain graphs and images that can be enlarged by tapping on them. However, enlarged images are not adapted well for smaller screens.

Users can highlight particular words and add notes about them. Users can simply long press a particular word in the text to summon the pop-up box allowing users to highlight the word, look up its meaning in the dictionary, or add the note.

Favorites (bookmarks) and notes could be found in the 'Your content' section along with downloaded books. There's also the 'Last read' section allowing users to jump straight to the most recently opened and read book.

As you can see, the Indextra app allows users to easily create a personalized library for quicker access and offline reading.

There is a 'Search' feature that users can utilize to look up for particular medical terms within all books at once. Users can also search all available guidelines (currently only one ICD-10 guideline), as well as a medical dictionary. 

Besides textbooks and guidelines, the Indextra app also includes a number of built-in medical calculators that can be found in the 'More' section. There are four categories of calculators including Conversions, Metabolic, Respiratory, and Pharmacology.

The app's interface is simple and easy to use, however, the user experience may be problematic, at least on Android. The app developers indicated that the Indextra app is still in Beta, so bugs, such as occasional unresponsiveness and shutdowns, could be expected. Let's hope that these will be fixed in one of the future updates.

The Indextra is an impressive app that provides an online and offline access to more than 500 up-to-date medical textbooks and guidelines from the leading medical publishers tailored for all specialties.
The users have the option to try the app and its features for free during the 30-day trial, and then pay a subscription which is, in our opinion, worthy of purchase.

Benefit: The Indextra app is ideal for all medical professionals, including medical students, who want quick and easy access to the number of medical books, drug guides, and clinical guidelines from their mobile devices


  • More than 500 books and other resources from trustworthy publishers
  • Once downloaded, the books can be accessed offline
  • The full content can be accessed for free during a 30-day trial before subscription purchase
  • Some UX problems may occur since the app is still in Beta
  • Images and graphs in books are not well adapted for a mobile view

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