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Omnio mobile app for Android and iOS aims to consolidate all medical information into one app and let the healthcare providers customize it so they have the most used tools at their fingertips.


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Appealing design, with clean and easy-to-use interface
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The app contains images and graphs
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Scope and customization makes it useful to almost any medical specialty
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Many healthcare professionals use several medical apps in their clinical workflow every day. But, lots of these apps, including those sitting on top, do not support diverse needs of medical professionals, but rather focus on one single function or utility. A lot of medical apps also do not allow for complete customization by interests and specialties. 

Medical professionals often don't have time to spend it on scrolling through pages, searching for individual medical apps that would support all their needs. They would rather love to have all tools at one place.

Several years ago, Physicians Interactive developed Omnio mobile app for Android and iOS, aiming to consolidate all the medical information into one app and let the healthcare providers customize it so they have the most used tools at their fingertips. 

These tools are provided for each specialty and include comprehensive drug guide with formulary from 7,000 health plans, free access to the Merck Manual, various medical calculators, interaction analyzer, pill identifier, ICD-10, and lab interpretations. The app also features newsfeed that contains the latest news for your specialty.

Before you can use Omnio app, you need to register, which is possible within the app and it's done very quickly. The app will ask you to provide your name, email, password, as well as country, profession and ZIP code, which helps you filter out health plans close to your location.

Once you've completed with the registration, the app will start downloading materials. It doesn't take long, but you can take a tour of Omnio app while you're waiting.

After the all downloads are finished, you'd be taken to the main screen titled Library, which features the main tools.

The first is Drug Guide that contains comprehensive database of US brands and generics, along with formularies. The Drugs are listed alphabetically by category, from Allergy/Cold to Urologic. Tapping on any entry opens another list of subcategories within the main category. 

Opening subcategory features a list of all medications related to it. For example, 'Antibacterials, Topical' contains comprehensive list of antibacterial drugs, listed alphabetically by their brand name, with generic name below each.

Tapping on drug opens detailed information provided in very intuitive way, which allows users to choose the topic using Table of Contents that range from use and dosing, indications, to formularies, or to swipe right and browse through the content directly.

Formulary information for drugs is shown according to selected health plans, and is updated monthly. Drug Guide also features dosing calculators for liquids and oral medications, which are weight based.

Next useful tool in Omnia app is the Merck Manual, the world's best-selling medical textbook that app users can access for free. This part of the app is structured just as in physical book providing comprehensive information about various diseases.

Calculators section is proof that Omnia app isn't just aggregator, but also useful tool to support decision-making process. Whatever your specialty is, here you could find a plethora of medical calculators you may find useful, from addiction calculators, different risk scores, nomograms, etc.

Omnio app also contains other drug-related resources, such as interaction analyzer and pill indentifier, that both allow you to quickly and easily check interactions between two (or more) drugs, or to indentify the medication by their visual treats, such as shape and color.

Users can also use Omnio app to check symptoms, by adding one or more symptoms to get the list of conditions that could be possibly related to the symptoms. Of course, the more specific symptoms you enter, the bigger the chance to narrow down the possible conditions.

Omnio app also provides users with ICD-10 code classification of every known medical condition, with crosswalk to ICD-9, and vice versa.

Labs 360 provides comprehensive list of various lab tests and results, along with calculators and panels, each covered with a great amount of information. There are also standards of medical care in diabetes provided by American Diabetes Association.

Finally, Omnio Library contains Quick Reference section focusing mostly on CDC guidelines regarding Ebola, as well as the latest Zika virus outbreak.

All content can be bookmarked by tapping on heart symbol for an easier access via Favorites tab. All entries are grouped by the section they belong to, i.e. calculators will be separated from labs or symptoms, although in the same list.

Also, Omnio app delivers the most recent medical news and journal articles, available in the Newsfeed tab and updated daily. These news and articles are either single entries, or several entries aggregated in the newsfeed linking to the original source.

Users can also visit the Store containing additional Omnio guidelines for free, and in-app purchases grouped by specialties and categories, such as 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Neonatal Formulary, etc.

Omnio app is visually appealing with attractive colors and design. It has clean and user-friendly interface, which is easy to navigate, allowing users to access all resources in no time.

All content in the app comes from trusted authority sources including the Merck Manual, the American Diabetes Association, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and more.

Omnio app also includes quick links to and PubMed both saved in Favorites by default. It also allows users to participate in forum discussion that is embedded in the app.

Honestly, I couldn't find a single bad thing about Omnio app. It's basically everything that a medical professional may need – an exhaustive customizable medical resource that also works well as a news aggregator, decision-support tool with plenty of calculators, lab interpreter, drug reference, and many more – all of that in just one app.

Benefit: It is a must-have resource for every medical professional


  • Easy-to-use and navigate with visually appealing design
  • Exhaustive content coming from trusted sources
  • Customization and personalization options for any specialty
  • Multi-functional resource
  • Nothing bad to say about this app

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