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Overall value:
92 pts
MedPage Today app is very popular among medical professionals providing them with high-quality medical news and the opportunity to get continuing medical education (CME) credits for free.


100 pts
App Interface Usability
Simple design with easy to navigate interface
86 pts
Multimedia Usage
Some articles contain images, video and audio
90 pts
Real World Usability
Indispensable resource for medical providers, whether they're interested in getting CME credits or not
92 pts

Being a physician means finding a delicate balance between their busy schedule and staying up-to-date with the latest medical research. But, how to maintain both?

Majority of healthcare providers carry their phones or tablets with them almost all the time. This is why mobile apps are probably the most convenient way to browse and read academic medical journals on the go. 

We gave you a hint what app you could use by reviewing Docphin app, a library of medical research journals you can keep in your pocket. This week, we also reviewed Read app by QxMD, which helps healthcare professionals keep up with new articles from various medical journals.

Another similar app, which is highly popular among physicians, residents and other healthcare professionals is MedPage Today app that provides medical professionals with the high-quality medical news. That's not all. MedPage Today app also allows physicians, residents and other healthcare professionals to get continuing medical education (CME) credits for free.

To start using the app, healthcare providers should be registered with MedPage Today. If you haven't already registered on their website, don't worry. It is possible to create an account and register it within the app.

After selecting your profession, specialty and optionally, an NPI number, MedPage Today app will require you to provide a basic information about yourself, including your name, occupation, credentials, work ZIP code, etc. You'll be asked to check the box if you intend to use the app as a source of free CME/CE credits, which would tell the app to serve you that type of content.

After the registration is completed, the app would take you to the main screen, which contains medical news and articles based on the profession and specialty you've chosen. Keep in mind that the app will start downloading content automatically, but you can stop that by tapping on the screen. Once downloaded, the articles can be accessed offline.

The user interface is simple with content sorted out as in newspaper apps or websites. Users can easily navigate through the app by scrolling down and tapping on the articles to open them.

All the articles open in the app, and they can be easily read, even on smaller screens. The articles, however, contain links to source materials that would open a document or a website. These resource links open in the app, if you use iPhone, but if you're an Android user, opening links would require you to exit the app and use phone's browser.

The articles listed in the MedPage Today app deliver information through text, as well as video and audio. Unlike in other journal apps, content is not paywalled or requiring institutional access. You can access all articles for free and full text.

Some of the articles contain CME credit opportunities, which is indicated with green CME letters below the article title. Each of these articles requires users to read CME information first, which contains the number of CME/CE credits that can be earned, article release data along with the expiration date, estimated time for completion, program overview and so on.

To earn CME credits, users need to read, hear, or view the information in an article, take a post-test and correctly answer all the questions, and complete an evaluation form. The app then provides users with an information on how they can print their certificate of participation.

MedPage Today app also contains featured CME articles that link to external sources, and require users to log in with their MedPage Today Account. Currently, while I was reviewing the app, there were 93 featured CME articles.

Users can also check all news, or favorites that include hospital-based medicine, OB/Gyn, pediatrics, practice management and public health & policy topics. There are also articles for other specialties, so no matter what your specialty is, you can always check the recent news for other specialties as well.

MedPage Today app also features articles from 3 reading rooms coming from American Gastroenterological Association, American Society of Clinical Oncology, and Endocrine Society.

Besides articles, users can view or answer surveys on various medical topics, or test their knowledge in one of the quizzes powered by VisualDx, another app we reviewed on SteadyHealth. These quizzes are basically just questions with several answers for each, but they're still a nice addition.

MedPage Today app could be set to send notifications for different events, including breaking news, news for particular specialties, video interviews with leaders in medicine, CME opportunities, and so on. Most of these notifications are turned off by default, but users can enable them in Settings.

I can only conclude that MedPage Today app is an amazing and reliable resource for all healthcare professionals, who want to have breaking medical news, comprehensive reference information and free CME/CE credits at their fingertips.
Benefit: The app is useful for not only providers but nurses, medical students and residents as well


  • Nice and easy to use interface
  • Breaking news for various specialties
  • Ability to bookmark/favorite articles
  • Ability to get CME credits for free
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Nothing bad to say about this app

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