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Healthcare professionals must keep current with the latest medical news and articles. However, they do not always have much time to read the medical journals and literature. Luckily, much of that content is available on mobile devices and apps.

There are some great mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices that could help clinicians, researchers, residents, and students keep up with the medical literature that is relevant to their medical specialty.
Here, we list some of the most popular mobile apps to keeping up with the medical literature.

Read by QxMD App

The first choice to many is Read app by QxMD that enables healthcare professionals to easily and quickly find and read medical journal articles for various specialties. 
Besides popular medical journals based on the specialty, the app also provides access to collections of journals and papers made by Read by QxMD app and other users. Users can make their own collections, give them a name and make them private or public, so the other users would be able to find them in the app.
Read by QxMD also allows users to get related papers based on various medical keywords. Medical providers can use the app to track their continuing medical education (CME) credits.
Read by QxMD app is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

Our score: 89%
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Journal Club App

Journal Club was first established online as an open, Wiki-type platform featuring the collection of the top articles in internal medicine written and reviewed by physicians.
Later it was ported to iOS and Android as a mobile app with a purpose to put summaries of clinical trials at the clinicians' fingertips making day-to-day patient care decisions a lot easier.
Journal Club app is available on Android and iOS devices at the price of $6.99.

Our score: N/A
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Docphin App

Docphin is another app that started as an online resource. It was created back in 2010 by a group of physicians with the goal to help medical professionals stay up-to-date with the medical literature in an easily accessible form, where the "phin" in the name of the app actually stands for Personalized Health Information Network.
Instead of using a browser to search the online library for medical journals and papers, providers could use Docphin website to access all those papers without additional permissions and logins.
Docphin was also turned into a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, which made the search for medical papers and articles even more convenient.
The app is free to download and use on both Android and iPhone.

Our score: 94%
Links: Android, iOS

BrowZine App

BrowZine app uses somewhat different approach. Instead of using the freely available data from the PubMed database, it provides content from certain major publishers and journals, including Elsevier, JAMA, Wiley, Springer, New England Journal of Medicine, as well as from institution libraries, which pay an annual licensing fee to make the app available to their communities.
So, if you're affiliated with an institution and if your institution pays for full-text access, you'd have that access. Otherwise, if you don't have an affiliation with one of the institutions that license BrowZine app, you will only see a number of open access journals available in the app, including the BMC and PLOS series of journals.
The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Our score: N/A
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ReadCube App

ReadCube is an easy and convenient way to discover research literature, access and read scientific papers, and organize a library on the go.
One of the highlights of the app is Enhanced PDF features with multi-touch zoom, tap-able inline citations, reference lists, and ability to highlight the text and add notes.
Users can search for papers and journals in PubMed, Google Scholar or ReadCube databases, which are available in the app.
ReadCube app is available for free on Android and iOS.

Our score: 85%
Links: Android, iOS

Omnio App

Omnio app consolidates all the medical information into one app allowing healthcare providers to customize it so they have the tools for each specialty at their fingertips. 
These tools include comprehensive drug guide with formulary from 7,000 health plans, free access to the Merck Manual, ICD-10, medical calculators, pill identifier, interaction analyzer, and lab interpretations. 
Omnio app also features news feed providing the latest news for each specialty.
The app is free to use on Android and iOS, but it requires users to register an account.

Our score: 96%
Links: Android, iOS

PubMed Mobile App

Many medical journal apps enable users to access and search PubMed, the library of NLM's publicly accessible index of Medline citations, in a mobile-friendly format since the PubMed website was difficult to view on a smartphone.
The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) decided to make their own PubMed Mobile app. Technically speaking, PubMed Mobile is not classic mobile app, but rather a mobile-friendly web app, which is available at NLM's website.
PubMed Mobile app enables clinicians, residents, and students access and search PubMed database, view only free articles (if they're not subscribed), open articles as PDF documents, and more.
While it would be a lot better if PubMed is a real mobile app, it is still a great resource to quickly and easily find and access medical articles and journals.

Our score: N/A
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DocWire App

DocWire is a medical app similar to Read by QxMd and Docphin apps. It aggregates articles from thousands of medical journals and medical news sources all in one place and allows users to select medical news sources of their interest.
Furthermore, users can create custom topics based on particular keywords and the app would deliver the articles on those topics. 
Users can search the app by topic or author, and save those searches also as topics. These topics will automatically update every time the users select them, which is the easiest way to get the most recent articles on any topic.
The app is available for free only on iOS devices.

Our score: 89%
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