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Learning and practicing medicine, as well as making a clinical decision, is much easier if you're able to interact with the content. Active participation in the process, at least virtually, is possible thanks to growing interactive mobile apps.

Interactive medical apps enable medical professionals, students, and educators to actively participate in a learning process in order to gain or pass the medical knowledge.
These apps provide clinical case simulations, as well as illustrations, animations or models the users can interact with, which help medical providers gain and advance their clinical knowledge, improve their practice, and make clinical decisions much easier. 
Here, we list some of the most popular interactive medical apps.

drawMD Patient Education App

drawMD Patient Education app allows doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals to visually explain various medical conditions and procedures to their patients, thanks to the accurate and easy-to-understand custom illustrations.
Users can choose templates, which are currently available for 17 specialties, including Anesthesia & Critical Care, Cardiology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, General Surgery, and Urology among others. After selecting a template, users can draw on the illustration or select from dozens of 'stamps' which can be applied directly to the drawing.
Some of the templates are available as separate drawMD apps.
drawMD Patient Education is free to download and use, however, with limited capabilities. To unlock the full potential, users are required to purchase Premium version of the drawMD app for $9.99.

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Skeleton System Pro III App

Skeletal System Pro III app is developed in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine and it provides users with an in-depth look at the detailed 3D skeletal system allowing them to cut, zoom and rotate parts of the system as well as view animations, create notes, share screenshots and more. The app is ideal for medical students, professionals, and educators.
There are three versions of the app available with different price accordingly. The initial version was developed for iPad and it costs $9.99. A version for iPhone is available at the price of $4.99, while users who want to use the app on their Mac computers need to pay $14.99.

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QuantiaMD App

QuantiaMD app is an online community for healthcare professionals where they can learn from medical experts delivering short, interactive presentations, and collaborate with their peers to deliver better care for their patients.
QuantiaMD provides members with easy access to a broad range of high-quality continuing medical education (CME) programs.
The app also allows users to test their knowledge by solving real-world cases and challenges. The interactive content on QuantiaMD app is to up to date and delivered by top medical institutions.
QuantiaMD app is available on Android and iOS devices for free.

Our score: 89%
Links: Android, iOS

Resuscitation! App

Resuscitation! app is a virtual learning platform allowing medical students and professionals to learn about patient care by playing the role of the ED physician through simulated medical cases.
Basically, Resuscitation! app provides users with a case presentation of an ill patient who is ill, and they're supposed to take right actions, i.e. take a history, perform a physical exam, develop a differential diagnosis, place the patient on a monitor, start IV's, administer therapy, and a LOT more.
Cases are intended for providers in UK and Europe, covering mostly emergency medicine topics, as well as EMS/Paramedic, emergency neurology, gynecology, labor and delivery, and pediatrics.
The app is free and it's available on iPhone and Android.

Our score: 86%
Links: Android, iOS

Touch Surgery App

Touch Surgery is an interactive mobile surgical simulator designed for medical students who are looking to learn surgery in high-quality realistic 3D environments.
The app guides students step-by-step through every part of an operation and every decision that's made along the way. Users can also track their learning progress and know results, and build a personalized library of surgical procedures for learning at their own pace.
3D simulations and medical content have been developed in collaboration with leading surgeons and surgical institutions worldwide to ensure quality, accuracy, and validity.

Our score: 86%
Links: Android, iOS

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis App

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis is a clinical case simulation tool for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other medical staff helping them make clinical decisions easier and stay sharp during their shifts, and challenge their clinical knowledge casually from time to time.
The app provides 1,500+ case scenarios encompassing a wide range of medical specialties, which are based on the actual clinical experiences of 150+ specialists spanning 30+ specialties. The cases can be played in minutes, and each is accompanied by a concise discussion of the diagnostic reasoning and key learning points. 
Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Our score: 88%
Links: Android, iOS

Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED App

The Radiology 2.0 app is an easy-to-use and free teaching tool featuring a series of cases that allow the user to simulate reading CT scans at a PACS workstation. It provides an instructional and interactive look at the some of the most common pathology seen on CT imaging.
Radiology 2.0 app uses stacks of CT images to teach the users how to approach and interpret CT scans. 
This intuitive teaching file series is perfect for Radiology residents, medical students, and other physicians interested in learning how to interpret images, regardless of their specialty. All the content within the app can be viewed offline.
Also, the app is available for free, but currently only on iPad.

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