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There are numerous mobile medical apps that can help Internal Medicine physicians and residents maximize their efficiency with busy daily routine and tasks.

A basic mobile app "toolkit" for the Internal Medicine physicians and residents should include educational and learning app, comprehensive resource database, detailed procedure guide, drug reference, a medical calculator, and a medical journal app.
Based on that, we've listed some of the apps we think are the most essential for every Internal Medicine physician, physician assistant, resident, nurse, as well as other clinicians.


The IMIR, which stands for Internal Medicine In-Review, is a free medical app that offers clinically relevant, Board reviewed questions and answers in internal medicine.
Detailed answers and explanations are given for each question and the app promises to deliver 5 new Board preparatory questions every day. One of the most important things is that the app doesn't require an Internet connection, except for the download of the app and the daily questions, which can be then used offline. 
The IMIR app is a comprehensive study tool that is equally useful to the student and specialists. While the app is intended for internal medicine residents and specialist physicians, the other specialties can use it as well.

Our score: 93%
Links: Android, iOS

Medscape App

No real surprises here. Medscape app is the most comprehensive medical resource database, which is used by over 4 million healthcare professionals. Medscape app provides quick access to information regarding drugs, procedures and medical conditions to doctors of various specialties, including internal medicine, as well as medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
With its comprehensive database of information, various tools and CME/CE courses for 30+ specialties, Medscape app confidently sits at the top of the best medical apps.

Our score: 98%
Links: Android, iOS

Lexicomp App

Healthcare professionals, including internal medicine specialists and residents, need a comprehensive drug reference app that would provide them with clear and concise drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, and other relevant information.
Lexicomp app offers not only that but high-quality clinical content as well. This makes it probably the best and the most comprehensive medication reference app on the market, which is a must have for medical professionals, whether they're physicians, dentists or pharmacists.
The biggest drawback of Lexicomp app is its price, which varies depending on the package chosen. However, the app also offers 30-day trial before the purchase, offering all features for free.
Internal medicine specialists and residents may also look for alternatives, such as Epocrates app, which is another essential drug and medical reference app, and which also isn't free.

Our score: 96%
Links: Android, iOS

IM Essential Flashcards App

IM Essentials Flashcards app is a tool designed specifically for use in the internal medicine clerkship to help students grasp important internal medicine concepts and apply them clinically, as well as to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 exam. The app is developed from IM Essentials books and an online program, which all cover the key topics and concepts in internal medicine.
IM Essentials Flashcards app offers an impressive number of 1,100 flashcards across 11 categories, which makes it probably the best app for studying on-the-go. Also, each card is referenced, helping students reinforce their learning experience.

Our score: 93%
Links: Android, iOS

MDCalc App

Internal medicine specialists and residents need a good medical calculator. One of the most popular tools among medical professionals is MDCalc app. It evolved from the website of the same name, providing healthcare professionals with various medical calculations, evidence-based medicine and clinical decision support for different specialties.
Recently, the app developers ported the app to Android platform, making MDCalc a must-have tool for any physician looking for a great decision support that combines medical calculators and algorithms with well-referenced and evidence-based expert content.

Our score: 95%
Links: Android, iOS

Calculate by QxMD App

Another great medical calculator app comes from QxMD and it's simply titled Calculate. It helps healthcare professionals make decisions, not just calculate numbers.
Calculate app is a free next-generation medical calculator and essential decision support, focused on highlighting tools which are useful in clinical practice. These tools serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis in almost every specialty, including internal medicine among others.
Calculate app offers more than 300 unique calculators and decision support tools, which helps medical professionals in managing different tasks, such as calculate various risks, determine prognosis, predict complications, get treatment guidance, and much more.

Our score: 97%
Links: Android, iOS

Read by QxMD App

QxMD is a maker of some other great medical apps. One of these is Read app that provides medical professionals with an access to the medical literature and journals, helping them to keep up with new medical and scientific research, browse through and read thousands of outstanding topic reviews, and search PubMed.
Users can see the articles as full-text PDFs that can be organized and shared with their colleagues.
Although the Read app is available for free, content inside isn't. At least not all. Some of the articles are hidden behind institutional pay walls. Despite this, Read app is still a great way to stay current in your specialty's literature.

Our score: 89%
Links: Android, iOS

MedPage Today App

MedPage Today app is another great medical news aggregator and journal reader that puts high yield medical content at your fingertips. The app evolved for the MedPage Today website, bringing all online content to iPhone and Android users for free.
Similar to Read byQxMD, MedPage Today app provides daily breaking medical news and comprehensive reference information for over 30 specialties.
Getting the current medical news isn't the only highlight of this app. MedPage Today also enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to attain Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for free if they participate in MedPage Today-hosted educational activities.
This makes MedPage Today great medical app and a must have for healthcare providers and students.

Our score: 92%
Links: Android, iOS

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