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88 pts
SafeDosePro app is a medication reference tool that provides EMS and pre-hospital workers with dosing and drug administration information, dosage calculator for both pediatric and adult patients, and logging of drug administration for multiple patients.


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App Interface Usability
Easy to use, however, a bit dated and confusing interface
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Multimedia Usage
The app utilizes phone camera
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Real World Usability
Very useful app to be used at the point of care
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Proper drug administration and proper dosing in an emergency setting can be a daunting task because of its critically time-sensitive nature. 

This particularly applies to pediatric dosing that can be confusing, especially for those who don't provide care for children on a regular basis.

Dealing with extremely small volumes of medication, as well as changes in the concentration of stock medication can both lead to medication errors that can often be fatal. 

This is why it is very important that first responders and EMS staff have a drug reference tool that would provide them with the correct clinical information, as well as with the ability to log patient status, drug administration, and other actions. The most important – providers and caregivers should be able to use this tool on the go.

To address this need, the emergency physician James Broselow - the inventor of "Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape" used for pediatric trauma and resuscitation – developed SafeDosePro app, a medication reference tool provided for EMS  and pre-hospital workers.

SafeDosePro app is a guide that provides dosing and drug administration information, calculate the appropriate dose of a medication for both pediatric and adult patients, and help providers track each administration for multiple patients. 

Upon opening the app for the first time, it will require users to register an account by providing their name, email, type of organization, and their role in it.

The app is free to download and use. However, the default version of SafeDosePro app only includes few dozen medications. To access hundreds of more medications, as well as additional features, users are required to subscribe to eBroselow Online to receive UserID they can use during the registration for full access to all app's features.

After the registration is completed, the app would offer you to view SafeDose training and concept videos that explain the features and method used for reducing medical errors. You can, however, skip this part and head straight to the home page, and reference this videos later by tapping on the Info button.

The homepage features the dose calculator that utilizes a weight-based system and Broselow tape color-based system (suitable for neonatal and pediatric patients).

This means that users can easily choose their patient's weight from a scroll-through menu, either under the By Weight or By Color.
The selection of weight ranges from 3 kg to 130 kg, and if you use By Color system, weights from 6 to 36 kg will be displayed in colors as on Broselow Tape (3–5 kg will be displayed grey). Unfortunately, there's no option to switch to imperial units (lbs).

Once the weight is selected, the users can choose one of the several options for searching for a medication of interest. 

The alphabetical list is the first option. It opens a new page featuring a list of drugs that can users can navigate through the alphabet to find the medication. As said, the number of drugs are limited if you're not subscribed to eBroselow Online, however, it's more than enough to show you how this app is supposed to work.

Selecting a drug from the list opens a new page with more information about selected drug, including dosing recommendations, calculations based on available drug concentrations (not available for all medications in the list), guidance on the drug administration, additional notes about the selected medication, such as warnings and adverse reactions, and links to related websites where users can get more information.

Besides the alphabetical list, there is also a search option that allows users to search for medications by typing the drug name in the field. This works pretty fast and accurate thanks to autocomplete option.

Finally, users can look up the medications by categories, including Anaphylaxis, Quick Reference, Resuscitation, RSI, and Seizures. By clicking on a category, the app then features a list of medications used in an emergency setting for a particular case. The number of categories is also limited in the free version of the app and expands once the users subscribe.

Besides calculating doses and providing dosing and drug administration information, SafeDosePro app has another useful feature – the ability to log patients and doses.

To do this, first choose the weight on the home page and then, tap on the little list icon at the top left portion of the screen. Tap on New Patient button and start adding all relevant information including title (patient's name), patient's photo, notes, etc.

Once you've created a patient, you can head to drug list to log the medications for that patient. There are a few options for each patient and medication. You can order and administer the drug by selecting the Rx and Syringe button, and then log that dose's date and time. As you navigate through the app, your patient/medication log will be visible at the bottom of the page.

There's no option to edit entries. However, you can delete patient or drug and start over. It doesn't take much time to add a new log. All logs with drug summaries can be emailed to your patients.

While useful, this part of the app is not implemented well tho. There's a lot of parts and buttons in the interface that may make the user experience a bit confusing. Same goes for adding a patient and medication, which is not explained well. In my opinion, the whole app needs a modern re-design. It's useful but dated.

This, however, doesn't diminish its value. SafeDosePro is the amazing app that combines several useful components, including concise drug information, dosing guide and calculator, and patient/medication log, which all can be used at the point of care, especially in the pediatric and emergency settings.

Benefit: A useful app, especially for pediatric providers


  • Drug reference, dosing calculator, and patient/medication log all-in-one
  • Ability to log multiple patients with different weights and drugs
  • Suitable for pediatric and adult patients
  • No imperial units
  • The interface is dated and can be confusing at parts

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