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Mobile devices and apps have significantly improved the healthcare delivery and the quality of the patient's experience, including the critical care.

Critical care medicine treats people with life-threatening injuries and illnesses, or problems such as complications from surgery, accidents, infections, and severe breathing problems. 
Critical care involves close, constant monitoring of critically ill patients by a team of specially-trained health care providers, and usually takes place in an intensive care unit (ICU) or trauma center.
Monitors, intravenous (IV) and feeding tubes, catheters, breathing machines, and other equipment are common in critical care units.
With the adoption of innovative mobile technologies by the healthcare field, the mobile devices and apps also found their way into the critical care units.
These apps provide both clinicians and nurses with valuable information, calculations, and tools to support the clinical decisions in the treatment of the critically ill patients.
Most of the critical care apps available on the market are paid. Also, there are fewer apps for the Android devices.
Here, we listed the best mobile apps used in the field of critical care medicine.

EMRA PressorDex App

The Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA), has converted one of its most popular resources PressorDex into a mobile app.
This app offers a comprehensive therapeutic guide to the plenty of pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other medications needed to treat the critically ill patients, helping emergency medicine physicians choose the right medication and dosing regimen.
The EMRA PressorDex app is available on iOS only for $16.99.

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ICU Pearls Critical Care Tips for Doctors and Nurses App

Anyone working in the medical field, especially critical care, is aware of the massive amount of information they need to know, as well as the constant changes in the field.
The ICU Pearls app is a database of six years' worth of pearls of wisdom written by medical professors and critical care doctors with more than 2,000 pearls covering various critical care topics.
The app is perfect for doctors, nurses, and even medical students. 
The ICU Pearls app it is quite user-friendly, allowing users to search by year to find pearls. Those they want to remember, users can mark as favorites. All pearls contain reference links.
The app doesn't contain multimedia and the interface is not much engaging, however, it's content that matters. 
The ICU Pearls app can be used on iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone for $0.99.

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Critical- Medical Guide App

The Critical Medical Guide app was designed with a goal to help doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT's and support staff in critical care scenarios by providing vital clinical guidelines, emergency medical references and materials, calculators, and more.
The content is supported by images, diagrams, English and Spanish language audio, interactive videos in high-definition to assist in the critical care, and much more.
The app is available for iOS only for $9.99.

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ICU Trials by ClinCalc App

ICU Trials app is a quick pocket reference and learning tool for some of the most important ICU trials over a wide range of specialties. The app is designed for both new and seasoned critical care clinicians.
The app's database features more than 100 landmark trials related to ARDS, cardiac arrest, DVT/PE, glycemic control, heart failure, hemorrhage, meningitis, seizure, sepsis/shock, spinal cord injury, stroke and much more.
ICU Trials app is available on both Android and iOS for $4.99.

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MDCalc Medical Calculator App

Medical calculators are widely used in modern clinical practice, including critical care. These calculators help healthcare providers of various specialties make important clinical decisions at the point of care. 
MDCalc Medical Calculator app is probably the most popular tool for medical calculations and clinical decision support among the physicians.
It is a multifunctional tool that contains various medical calculations, evidence-based medicine and clinical decision support for different specialties.
MDCalc app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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The Difficult Airway App

One of the most terrifying clinical situations is difficult airway management, which is quite challenging, especially in an emergency environment. 
No matter how hard clinicians may be prepared for it, things could still go wrong. Failure to successfully establish an airway can lead to patient death or may have other serious consequences. 
The clinicians who manage airways in an emergency setting must always be prepared for difficult cases and must learn and know a variety of airway management skills.
The Difficult Airway app is a medical app designed with a purpose to help clinicians who manage emergency airways in any setting rapidly and easily selects the right drugs, the right doses, the right way.
The app was created by the physicians behind the Difficult Airway Course – Ron M. Walls, MD, Michael F. Murphy, MD and Robert C. Luten, MD.
The Difficult Airway app is available on iOS for $2.99.

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ivDripRate App

Gravity infusion, also known as 'the drip' is one of the most commonly used methods for delivering medications, basic fluids, and nutritional therapy to patients in the healthcare setting. 
Correct application and calculation of an infusion drip-rate are essential for patient safety and effective therapeutic treatment, especially in the critical care units.
The ivDripRate app helps providers calculate infusions (drip-rate and flow rate), set up an infusion using the drip visualization, and check infusion drip-rates. 
The app is available on iOS only for $0.99.

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Sepsis Clinical Guide App

Sepsis is a serious systemic condition caused by certain infections that can quickly lead to circulatory shock, organ failure and death if not quickly recognized and treated.
Although sepsis usually begins outside of the hospital for nearly 80% of patients, it is also a serious problem in hospitals worldwide, including critical care wards.
The ESCAVO company developed Sepsis Clinical Guide app for all healthcare providers who treat critically ill patients, with the aim of providing evidence-based clinical information and tools used in the diagnosis and management of sepsis and septic shock.
The app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms.
The ESCAVO company also developed another useful sepsis app called Sepsis Timer, which is a simple clinical decision support tool with a timed checklist designed to help busy clinicians perform key steps to treat sepsis within prescribed time intervals.

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Full Code Pro App

Full Code Pro is the free app designed by the American Heart Association to allow paramedics, EMT-Bs, emergency room nurses, emergency room physicians, and other healthcare providers to quickly document critical interventions during cardiac arrest resuscitation events.
By using this app, providers can log their actions in a real-time, thus improving the availability and accuracy of documentation of a resuscitation event.
FCP 3.4 includes a user-controlled metronome with an adjustable rate between 100 and 120 bpm. Now you can use FCP to check your CPR rate performance.
The app also includes a customizable drug list pre-populated with common cardiac arrest drugs, a user-controlled metronome with an adjustable rate between 100 and 120 bpm, and lists of common events and rhythms.
Full Code Pro app is available on iOS only.

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Critical Care ACLS Guide App

The Critical Care ACLS Guide app provides physicians, paramedics and nurses an immediate access to critical information in an easy-to-use format, including complete list of emergency & ACLS drugs with doses, EKGs interpretations, management of stroke and trauma, information on the use of airway devices, IV drip rates, lab values, calculators, and much more.
The Critical Care ACLS Guide app is available on Android only for $7.99.

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