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Asthma is a disease without a cure, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. People with asthma, their doctors, and families use different methods and tools to manage this condition, including mobile apps.

Mobile apps can make living with asthma more manageable. Most of these apps are made for patients, serving as trackers and diaries that help patients and their families or caregivers log the asthma activity, medication use, and things and situations that can trigger asthma attacks.
Clinicians, on the other hand, use mobile apps that provide them with various resources and up to date recommendations and guidelines, helping them manage their asthmatic patients.
Here, we list some of the popular mobile apps that can be useful to people with asthma, their families, and clinicians. 

AsthmaMD App

One of the most popular mobile apps for managing asthma is AsthmaMD, created for patients and their families, as well as physicians. 
The app allows patients log their asthma activity, medications they use, and their asthma triggers on a daily basis in the form of a diary and colorful graph charts that can be shared with their doctors.
Medical providers and researchers can also benefit from AsthmaMD app, which helps them better understand what triggers the asthma attacks.
The app allows tracking more than one patient, which makes it ideal for caregivers.
Keep in mind, however, that AsthmaMD app gathers the information for research purposes anonymously, without clear information on how the users participate, or how they can opt-out if they're not comfortable to share their personal information.
Despite this, AsthmaMD app is nicely designed and easy to use tool perfect for both healthcare providers and their patients.

Our score: 95%
Links: Android, iOS

AAP Asthma Care for Clinicians App

One of the apps that are specifically designed for doctors is AAP Asthma Care for Clinicians. The app is designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a comprehensive review of various resources to help clinicians to manage their patients with asthma and provide guidance to families with asthma sufferers.  AAP Asthma Care for Clinicians app provides doctors with an access to a range of tools that can help in the clinical management of patients, including levels of control of symptoms, medication efficiency, education of patients, and an opportunity to directly communicate with patients that may be suffering from an asthma attack.
The app doesn't require any payment, but users need to create an account and provide some basic background information about themselves and their practice.
While the AAP Asthma Care for Clinicians is available for free, it is unfortunately available only on the iOS platform.
While AAP Asthma Care for Clinicians is intended for doctors, AAP also made another app named AAP Asthma Tracker, which is designed for patients to track their symptoms,  manage their medications, and identify some of the common triggers that could cause asthma attacks.

Our score: 84%
Links: iOS

Propeller Health App

Propeller Health app is designed as a free companion to Propeller Bluetooth Sensor, allowing users to view the data captured by the sensor and providing a personalized feedback and recommendations on how to improve the asthma control. Propeller app can also work standalone, not just for monitoring and managing asthma, but COPD as well.
Besides tracking features, Propeller app also includes reminders to use medication or inhaler, it alerts family and physician if the patient is getting worse, and enables direct communication between patient and their doctor. 

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

asthmaTrack App

asthmaTrack is another great asthma diary app that helps patients and doctors spot asthma trends and triggers, thus improving treatment plans. asthmaTrack app is fully customizable enabling users to record any information they need, including PEF/FEV1, inhaler puffs, medications, symptoms, and much more.
Based on the collected data, the app creates graphs that can be exported to CSV files, along with diaries, and shared with your doctor via email.
asthmaTrack supports multiple users, so it's a perfect tool for caregivers or family members to keep multiple diaries for themselves and their loved ones in one app.
The app is only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, which means that iCloud automatically sync all data. 

Our score: N/A
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AsthmaCheck App

The AsthmaCheck app was developed by German-based pulmonary specialists to assist patients successfully manage their condition. According to the app's creators, it is based on principles of modern asthma therapies, which aim to completely bring the illness under control using as little medication as possible. By doing so, AsthmaCheck app helps users optimally record their data and reduce their medication.
Clean design and intuitive user interface enable patients to have a clear record of their readings, which could be seen as comprehensive stats and exported as PDF, CSV or as plain text that can be shared via email.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

BreatheSmart App

BreatheSmart is another tracking app that helps patients suffering from asthma and COPD. It is made as a companion to HeroTrackers, wireless sensors that fit respiratory inhalers, and mSpirometer, a wireless mobile spirometer that helps patients keep track of their lung function.
The app records and tracks all data collected through these devices, which can be synced and shared with your doctor. 
BreatheSmart app also includes reminders that send users messages to take their daily medication and help them stay on top of their asthma or COPD.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

MyAsthma App

The MyAsthma app is another tracker app that helps people with asthma track and manage their condition. 
Unlike other similar apps, MyAsthma can also capture current environmental information, including air temperature, pollution and pollen levels. Besides these, the app also tracks a record of asthma attacks and symptoms including date, triggers, as well as an inhaler and medication use. 
Users can access the clinically validated Asthma Control Test(ACT) or Childhood Asthma Control Test (C-ACT) to monitor their asthma control every 30 days.
MyAsthma app allows adding up to 5 people to track, so it could be a perfect tool for caregivers.
Unfortunately, Android users should choose other asthma apps, because MyHealth app is available for iOS only.

Our score: N/A
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