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Found some loose pills without a package in your medicine cabinet? If you're unsure what they are, you can use one of pill identifier (pill ID) mobile apps that would help you determine name and use of the medications in your cabinet.

Pill identifiers rarely come as standalone mobile apps, but rather as a feature or a tool in drug and medication apps, such as drug reference, guides, and resources for patients and providers, pill reminders apps or prescription saving apps. 
The pill ID feature in these apps helps users identify their prescription drug or OTC medication by color, shape, and imprint. A lot of these apps also allow taking pictures of the medications and uploading them into the app's pill ID feature.
Here, we listed some of the most popular pill identifier (pill ID) apps.

GoodRx App

The main purpose of the GoodRx app is allowing patients and caregivers easily compare prices across local pharmacies and providing saving coupons that can be used in pharmacies nationwide.
Main features of this app include searching for drugs by name or by the condition, viewing popular drugs in the Top 20 list, or medical conditions listed alphabetically.
Among these features, GoodRx app also includes Pill Identifier feature that enables users to search for medication by their color and shape. The app then provides medication images with brief information about each.
GoodRx app is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Our score: 92%
Links: Android, iOS

Dosecast App

Strangely, medication reminder apps rarely include Pill ID feature. This is the reason why Dosecast app – although not the best pill reminder app in the bunch – found its way to this list.
Dosecast is a simple pill reminder app for Android and iPhone with a task to remind users when to take their medicine. Besides this main reminder role, Dosecast includes other features as well, but many of them are available only after purchasing Premium version of the app for $3.99. The app is, however, free to download and use as a basic pill reminder.
One of these premium features is pill ID that allows users to add the image of the medication, which is especially helpful for patients who benefit from visual reminders remember when to take a blue oval pill or eight-sided pink pill.

Our score: 63%
Links: Android, iOS

WebMD App

WebMD medical app is an all-in-one resource of comprehensive medical information for the patients and best-known symptom checker around. Medical professionals can use it as well as a decision-making support tool.
It provides patients with comprehensive information on medical conditions, drugs, and a variety of other medical and lifestyle topics divided into sections. 
Once of these is medicine section allowing users look up information about various drugs alphabetically or by top searcher drugs, and providing a description of the drug, side effects, interactions with other drugs, symptoms of overdose, etc. 
This section also includes Pill ID tool that helps patients and caregivers identify medications by their visual characteristics, i.e. the shape, color, as well as imprint, which is required for all prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the US.

Our score: 94%
Links: Android, iOS Medication Guide App

Medication Guide by is the app designed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about medications, to both patients and healthcare providers.
The Medication Guide app allows users to search a variety of medication related info, including drug monographs, or pregnancy and breastfeeding database. Users can also use an interaction checker, a side effect database, and pill identifier feature, which doesn't offer visual help, i.e. images of the medications, unlike a lot of other similar apps.
Medication Guide app is available for free on iOS and Android. also developed separate Pill Identifier app which is available only on iOS for $0.99.

Our score: 84%
Links: Android, iOS

iPharmacy App

iPharmacy app is basically a pocket pharmacist that provides exhaustive information on thousands of different drugs. It is a detailed drug reference, pill reminder, price checker and saver, and of course, pill identifier.
Most of the app's features are made for patients, while some of them, particularly drug search and pill identifier, can be used by medical providers as well.
Pill Identifier feature uses intuitive interface allowing users to pick shape, color, score, or enter imprint if applicable, and get the list of all drugs that meet the criteria.
The app is free to download and use on iOS and Android devices.

Our score: 81%
Links: Android, iOS

Epocrates App

The last on this list, but certainly not the least is Epocrates, one of the first medical apps made for mobile devices. It is an essential drug reference app, with millions of downloads on both Android and iOS stores.
Epocrates app provides exhaustive content from trusted sources, which is particularly intended for medical providers, but a general audience can find it useful as well.
Some of the app's essential features include Drugs, Interactions Check, Guidelines, as well as Pill ID. Some of the features are available only for those users who purchase a paid subscription and can be recognized by a lock pad icon next to their names.
Pill ID is probably the most detailed pill identifier around, allowing users to identify pills by describing their shape, color, score, coating, clarity or imprint, and get the names of medications (with pictures) that match any of the criteria. 
However, it would be the complete solution if it allows using a phone camera to take the picture of the pills to identify them.
Epocrates is free to download and use, but with limited features. Epocrates Plus offers additional premium content, but it requires an annual subscription at the price of $174.99.

Our score: 90%
Links: Android, iOS