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OneRx is the prescription savings app that allows users to find the cheapest nearby pharmacy for their medications. If users are insured, the app allows them to enter their info and find their copay that can be lowered with coupons and discounts.


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Clean design with easy to use interface
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The app utilizes phone camera to capture Rx Insurance Card
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Useful app to save money on prescriptions, however, it does not provide lowest prices
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Patients relying on prescription drugs know that they can cost a lot of money because medications costs in U.S. are higher than ever before. Prescription drugs, however, may cost you less (or more), depending on where you buy them. 

Different pharmacies charge different amounts, making it difficult for patients to know whether they are paying the lowest price for their prescriptions.

Patients who have insurance can use various tools provided by their insurance carriers to help them calculate their prescription medication costs. The problem is that lot of these insurance providers' tools (websites or apps) are not user-friendly, meaning that they are often poorly designed and difficult to use on the go.

The better solution is using mobile apps specifically designed to help patients and consumers save on prescription drugs by finding the best prices, coupons, and discounts among the pharmacies near their area.

We have already tried and reviewed several apps, including GoodRx app and ScriptSave WellRx app that both do a great job in helping patients find best medication prices in their area.

OneRx app we review today is similar to the rest of the bunch, however, we wanted to test if it offers better prices as its developers advertise - saving up to 90% on prescription medications with or without insurance.

OneRx is the prescription savings app that allows users to find the cheapest nearby pharmacy for their medications. If users are insured, the app allows them to enter their info and find their copay that can be lowered with coupons and discounts.

Upon opening the app, users are prompted to sign in or register an account (if they don't have one). Although it looks that the app can be used without an account, it's actually limited to prescription search only. To save their medications in the app, and to get cards and coupons, users need to register, which isn't a big deal. It requires basic information, such as your email and password you want to use.

After completing the registration, the app would open to the home page that features search field. Once you tap on it, it would switch screens, taking you to the Search page.

You can start typing the name of your medication and the auto complete will take care of the rest by populating the list of the results as you type. 

The medications can be searched by either generic or brand name. Brand name medications will be listed with a significantly larger price, so keep that in mind. Search for drug generic name whenever possible to get reasonable prices.

There is a lot of option you can do here, from adding the drug to the list of your medications, to changing the form, dosage or quantity. Here you can also add your insurance details and check your copay.

To add insurance, simply provide your patient's information, including your name, gender, DoB, ZIP code and policy holder. OneRx app allows you to use your phone camera to take the photo of your Rx Insurance Card and store it in the app.

By default, OneRx app lists nearby pharmacies by the price, from lowest to biggest, but users can sort them by distance as well. Users can also filter out pharmacies by other parameters, such as those that are open 24 hours, drive-through, pharmacies that offer immunization and flu shots, and so on.

Besides the list, pharmacies are also shown on the map of your location. Both way, you can tap on the pharmacy to get more details, including address, phone, languages it provides, etc.

Here you can also check price details featured as a colorful graph showing retail price, discount, and the price the customers pay. Insured users can also check their copay on this screen.

Once all details are added, OneRx app would generate Drug Savings Card with unique ID number, as well as RxBIN, RxGRP, and RxPCN numbers that patients can show to their pharmacist in order to get the discount on their medication price.

Speaking of discount, OneRx app claims to help insured and non-insured patients save up to 90% on their prescription medications. So, to test this claim, I've used OneRx to check the prices of several drugs from the list of top 20 most commonly purchased drugs in the United States. The results I got didn't support the claim. 

Although offering a significant discount on prescription medications, OneRx app didn't provide lower prices compared to its competition, including GoodRx and ScriptSave WelRx apps, as well as LowestMed app we also reviewed that offers lowest prices in comparison to its competitors, for 60% of the drugs in the Top 20 list.

However, keep in mind that your geolocation may also affect drug prices, which means that one app that works for others, may not be the best option for you.

My advice is to install a couple of prescription saving apps to see which one offers the best prices and discounts based on your location.

Overall, OneRx app is a solid free solution allowing you to look up and compare prices of medications, find the local pharmacies with lowest prices, and find coupons and discounts to save you some money. However, it does not provide the lowest prices in comparison to competitive apps.

Benefit: Users who want to save money on prescription medications may find this app useful


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Quick and easy look up for generic and brand name drugs via search with autocomplete
  • Detailed information about prescription medications and local pharmacies
  • Generates Drug Saving Card that can be used at local pharmacies
  • Users can enter their insurance information to find copay
  • The app does not provides the lowest prices in comparison to its competitors

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