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Many dentists are starting to take advantage of the numerous mobile apps made for smartphones and tablets that make managing a dental practice easier.

Besides easier management of their practice, the dentists can use mobile apps to lower their administrative costs, streamline the administrative processes in their practice, communicate with their patients and assist them with educational materials, make the ordering of supplies quicker and easier, and more.
The dental apps can also help dental students access educational materials and evidence-based learning resources to better prepare for their exams.
Here, we listed some of the best apps for dentists and dental students.

Planmeca mRomexis App

Planmeca mRomexis is a dental imaging application which displays images acquired using Planmeca dental equipment and the Planmeca Romexis desktop software. 
The app allows viewing all modalities acquired with imaging equipment, including intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric and 3D CBCT X-ray images. The app also supports viewing of digital dental models and 3D facial photos.
The simple interface allows dentists to quickly access all patients and images when over the local network connected through clinic's Planmeca Romexis server. 
Accessed images can be stored to mobile device's internal memory for offline viewing.
The Planmeca mRomexis app is available on Android and iOS, however, the price varies depending on the platform.

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ADA CDT Code Check App

American Dental Association (ADA) released this app in order to help dentists find procedure codes quickly on their mobile devices.
The app contains the most up-to-date CDT Codes (2017 and 2018), including 18 new dental procedure codes, 16 revised procedure codes, and 3 deleted codes. 
The codes are searchable by three categories: code number, keyword, and category of service. Users can also add frequently used codes in Favorites for quicker access.
The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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My Dental Clinic App

My Dental Clinic app is designed to help dentist manage their patients and dental clinic. 
Dentists can use the app to keep a database of their patient's record, including personal information, dental charts, notes, and appointments. 
The app can be also used to view and store dental images and keep a record of patient payments. Dentists can also call or send SMS to their patients via the app. All appointments can be saved directly to the phone calendar.
My Dental Clinic app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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Chairside App

Chairside app brings the Chairside Instructor - the bestselling dental case guide from the American Dental Association – to mobile devices. Well at least to iPhone and iPad.
The app contains over 250 full-color dental images and 25 animations, supporting textual content that covers a wide range of prevention and treatment topics, including hygiene, anatomy, x-rays, periodontal disease, decay, bridge, dentures, root canal, and many other topics.
The app content is grouped in eight categories including Oral Anatomy, Prevention and Diagnosis, Gum Disease, Caries and Restorations, Tooth Replacement, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Options, and Other Oral Conditions, and it is available in English and Spanish.
The Chairside app is ideal for visual patient education or as a teaching tool for dental assistants/students.
It is available for free download, however, as stated above, only on iOS.

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Dental Drugs App

Dental Drugs App is a quick reference for prescribing medications used in dental practice. 
The app also helps with calculating maximum anesthetic dosages or recalling common treatment protocols in practice.
The app allows quick access to 100 most commonly prescribed drugs with their relevant dose, dispensary, instructions, and precautions. The medication info and instructions can be emailed to patients directly from the app.
Dental Drugs app is ideal for dentists and dental students. It is available for free on Android and iOS.

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Dental Manager App

Dental Manager app is the simple and useful dental costs calculator intended for dental clinics, also providing dentists with additional features, such as treatment plan construction, patient consultation and sending the results, customer management with photos and contacts, a creation of the patient database that can be shared with co-workers.
Dental Manager app is available for free on iOS only.

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smarTooth App

smarTooth is an interactive app developed by Augusta University.
It is a diagnostic tool designed to assist the clinicians (orthodontist, pediatric dentist, prosthodontist and general practitioner) in space analysis and tooth proportion calculations, as well as diagnosis and treatment planning.
The app helps dentists perform several analyses including tooth size/arch length discrepancy, Bolton's tooth size discrepancy, Moyer's and Tanaka-Johnston analyses, and smile analysis.
Each analysis in the app is supported by descriptions, calculations, and reference tables.
smarTooth app is available for free only on iOS. There's an app of the same name available for Android, however, that's completely different app.

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Pediatric Dental Rx App

Pediatric Dental Rx app is another dental app made and published by the University of Augusta.
The app is designed to help dentists with medication dosing for commonly prescribed drugs for the pediatric patients because prescribing medications to the pediatric patients is more challenging than adults due to the nature of weight-based dosing.
Pediatric Dental Rx covers the following drugs/topics:  antibiotics, pain medication, antifungals, SBE prophylaxis, avulsions, as well as ulcerations/chapped lips.
Just like the smarTooth app, Pediatric Dental Rx is only available for free download for iOS.

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Dentistry ProConsult App

The proof that the University of Augusta also makes the apps for Android is Dentistry ProConsult app, a quick reference for dental students helping them learn procedures they may have to perform in dental clinic.
The app provides step-by-step instructions for each procedure, supported by the videos of each procedure. 
Students can mark procedures as favorites for easier and quicker access.
As mentioned above, Dentistry ProConsult app is available on Android and iOS for free.

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Dental Clinical Mastery App

Dental Clinical Mastery app provides essential and the most up-to-date information and practice guidelines to new and practicing dentists with a goal to help them provide their patients with the best care possible.
The app is available for free download on iOS and Android which includes a limited amount of dental guidelines and resources.
Users can choose to upgrade to the Premium version with a one-time, in-app purchase that unlocks additional features which include 170+ critical oral pathology guidelines, 100+ oral pathology differential diagnosis generator items, 50+ evidence-based dental trauma decision guide items, integrated FDA prescribing guidelines, and more.

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Dental Boards Mastery: NBDE I & II App

Dental Boards Mastery: NBDE I & II apps were created for Android in partnership with the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.
The apps were designed to help dentistry students pass NBDE I and II exams.
Both versions contain over 1200 meticulously crafted digital flashcards based on old boards questions, 20 practice quizzes to build up your confidence, hundreds of terminology flashcards, hundreds of color pictures allowing students to visualize concepts, hundreds of mnemonics, root words and critical dental vocabulary, and more.
Both apps are available for free.

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Links: NBDE I  - Android, NBDE II - Android

NBDE Part 2: Dental Boards Q&A App

The iOS version of NBDE app (developed by different authors) was designed with a similar purpose, i.e. to help students pass the exam, however, it provides different features and a learning concept.
The users can download a free version of the app which includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics.
The purchase of the Premium version unlocks additional features, including 680+ multiple choice vignettes for studying, results tracker showing your strongest and weakest areas, unlimited access to all 10 categories, including Pharmacology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Pathology, Radiology, and more.

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