Hi, I am the mother of a 19yr. old son with autism/id. with language and cognitive challenges. I have always gone the supplemental route first throughout his life. As he aged, supplements sometimes were not enough to alleviate what looked like some depression/anxiety and sleeplessness. last year he was prescribed 50mg of trazadone for all the above. Seemed to do better until this past oct. when he seemed to be suffering from shortness of breath after bedtime dose. Had to start weaning him off. What a nightmare. Has finally come off but depression/anxiety/sleeplessness worse now than before he started! have him on 400mg sam-e, fish oils, neurotranmitters supplements, melatonin, 5-htp. I think these things must be helping, I hope they are, but he definitely needs something else. He is not sleeping well. Since he can't really tell me how he is feeling, I have to gauge emotion/feelings from his face/eyes/behavior. he definitely needs something in addition to aforementioned. I have been given a choice of lexapro or remeron. Gun shy of withdrawal symptoms later but need help now. Anyone have any suggestions? thank you.