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So im 20 years old and in very good shape physically but i am having trouble getting fully hard when i am with a girl. I dated a girl for 2.5 years in high school and our sex life was very good and i never had any problems. However, since we havent been together i have had the opportunity to get with a handful of other gorgeous girls. But when it comes down to it i cant get rock hard. i can only get semi hard. Pre-cum does come out. I dont know what my problem is and this is extremely embarassing. I still talk to this girl i dated during high school. Occasionally we send dirty texts and what not and i dont have any trouble getting fully hard just from reading the texts!! It seems like the only time i have trouble getting completely erect is when i need it the most. when i masturbate i can reach the hardness level and i also wake up with erection. Please tell me what my problem is. i dont know what else to do or try to make this not a problem for me anymore. Thanks so much


You may be encountering semi-erect due to a lack of interest in this girl.

Sometimes, the "little head" signals our true feelings no matter what the "big head" up top wants to convey.

In other words, if you're banging girls just to rack up notches on the bedpost, you will find you loose interest once the novelty wears off.

PS: If you want to try an experiement, try not masturbating for the several days before you're with this gal...and see if you don't get rock hard when the opportunity presents itself.