Hello! Last Dec.10, I found out that I am 3-4weeks pregnant. I took Cytotec (200mcg) on the 16th of Dec. I did not eat anything for more than 6 hour before taking Cyto. I swallowed 2 Cyto and inserted 1 in my vagina (cervix), then after 30 minutes, I swallowed 1 Cyto and inserted 2 in my vagina (cervix). This was the dosage that I am instructed to do because I am less or exactly 1 month pregnant and that I never had any kids nor experienced miscarriages before. I bled after 4hours, and passed out huge clots. I bled for exactly 2 weeks. It was heavier than normal menstruation and double the disminorrhea (cramps) and back pain that only lasts for the first week of bleedinh. Today is 2weeks and 5days from the night I took Cyto and planning to have a pregnancy test 3 days from now. I hope I had a complete abortion. No signs of pregnancy. No more breast hardening, no more backpain, no more dizziness, no more hot-tempered momma, no more morning sickness. None. So I wish to have a negative pregnancy test result after 3 weeks. Please share me your experiences also. Thank you! :)