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Traditional Ayurveda practitioners in Indian rural successfully treat blood cancers with out afflicting side negative effects. Newly diagnosed leukemia patients may better opt Ayurveda treatment avoiding chemotherapy and BMT. Remission is amazingly faster, with lesser chances of relapse. Once cured, they live the life fullest. Ayurveda Siddha alchemic formulations along with marma tantra and prana vidhya are much superior to all other medications in healing different difficult diseases. Intricate course of repeated refining, elaborate processing and enrichment of formulations make these medicines superior and function in a highly efficient manner. Maharishis and masters have handed down the Vedic knowledge from generation to generation for thousands of years. I recommend ailing leukemia patients to go Ayurveda from a master practitioner with linage of ancient tradition. As a Vaidya, I am much agonized and worried at the sufferings and lose of life of millions, especially the children, while modern medicine is often failing to cure blood cancer and other cancers. I wish medical hospitals and CAM health care programs world over integrated ancient Indian science of life and save the lives. It is my sincere request to the international scientific community to focus on how can these practices that lie outside conventional science be appropriately utilized.

(Cochin, India)


Hi there, on this forum I know that there's a lot of people who talk about different approaches to healing so I can tell you that you can feel free to post her as we do have a lot of people who post on ayurvedic medicine. What sort of expertise do you have? Is there a certification process? Let me know!