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Hello, I am 36 years old women and I would like to ask you to recommend me some good homeopathic books. I am really interested in this subject and I wonder if there is anyone who knows what I should read first. I would be nice if there is a homeopath here to answer.


Hi there, of course that there is someone with experience here. I personally want to recommend two books to you. The first one is "Everybody's Guide To Homeopathic Medicines" by Stephen Cummings. This is a great introduction to a theme of homeopathy. The second book is "Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants" by Dana Ullman. I know that the second book is not the basic one but it is very useful because it allows you to understand the homeopathic medicine's use for children.



Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (translated by Dudgeon)

Studies in the Philosophy of Healing By C. M. Boger

Kent’s books

Clinical Cases By James Tyler Kent

Lesser Writings By James Tyler Kent

What Doctor needs to know in order 2 make a sucesful prescription:James Tyler Kent

Kent's New Remedies In English with a French introduction

Kent's Aphorisms and Precepts

Allen’s books

H. C. Allen's Keynotes

Allen's Clinical Hints By Aldo Farias Dias


The 13 Remedies of Dr John Henry Clarke By Dr Robert Séror

Boger's General Analysis and Card Index

First Lesons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homopathic Remedies By H. R. Arndt

The Practice of Homoeopathy By Paul F. Curie

The Mnemonic Similiad By Stacy Jones

- The chronic diseases (MM) by

S. Hahnemann

- Sensations As If by H.A. Roberts (+ reversed repertory)

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