I just recently started birth control the 18th of November. The birth control Im on is Microgestin Fe 1/20. I am now on the third week, 3 pills into this week, and have not yet got to the placebo pills. I started the sunday after my period started as suggested by my GYN. I am sexually active, but waited one week into my pills to start having sex again, and still use condoms (and have never had a rip or anything). For the last week, Ive been having really dark brown discharge, sometimes with very little blood, and then it goes back to dark brown. Sometimes its a lot of brown, and sometimes its the regular amount of discharge I usually have. I get this normally the day of my period before it begins, and for a day after and then it gets lighter and goes to white. Is this normal, when just starting birth control? When will this brown go away?