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The sunday before last i missed my birth control pill and on monday i had to take 2 to make up for it .

After this happened I started to get brown discharge . This is normal for me when I am reaching the end of my 3rd month pill pack and it's almost time for my period. So I'm guessing when my hormone levels dropped my body thought it was period time. It wasn't though (i still have about another week before i take inactive pills) , so I kept taking the pill as normal for the rest of the week, and the discharge was still there.

on that friday, i had sex without a condom. the next morning i cleaned out my vagina really well in the shower. so on saturday, the discharge was completely gone.

i am not sure if the discharge is gone because I had sex and possibly became pregnant (???? :O does it even work that way??) or because i cleaned out really well the next morning.

yesterday, i was a couple hours late on my pill. and today, a week from the last time i had sex, i noticed a little bit of the brown discharge again, but it is gone now.

any advice? what are the odds of me being pregnant... ?

for clarity here is a timeline of events

Feb 15: pill missed
Feb 16: 2 pills taken, brown discharge begins
Feb 17-20: brown discharge continues
Feb 20: sex without condom
Feb 21: cleaning out of vagina, brown discharge ends
Feb 21-25: no discharge, nothing weird, taking pill normally
Feb 27 at 1:30 AM: take thursday pill late (early friday morning). normally take it around 8:00 PM
Feb 27: tiny amount of brown discharge, stops by 4:00 PM


i reckon you are ok,
brown discharge is usually old blood, finding its way down through the cervix into the vagina.
you will probably have a better idea when you bleed normally at the time for your period.


Well I have been on the patch for a couple years now. and about 3 weeks ago i was in washington visiting my fiance. we were a tad bit under the influence and he ripped my patch off. We were also having unprotected sex at this time. i was unable to get another patch for about a week. i startd having some brown discharge and a little bleeding. when i got back to my home i put a new patch on. i forgot to change it when i was supposed to it took me about 4 days to realize i forgot. i again was having unproteted sex with my fiance at this time. brown discharge was still present from the first time. i am now having some cravings i never had and my breasts are tender. is there a possibility i could have gotten pregnant in that period of time?