Hi everyone, so I was taking birth control(microgestin Fe 1.5/30) for about fourth months and then I stopped taking it for about a month because I was very moody but I never told my doctor that I had a stopped taking it. I had intercourse while off the pill but my husband didn't cum inside of me. I'm 22 years old by the way. I started the pill randomly again in fear of becoming pregnant. I started on just a random Thursday. That is when my pack of pills starts typically. During the month and two weeks I wasn't on the pill, I didn't get my period at all. I started the pill again two weeks ago and I started bleeding out of no where three days ago. Is this just breakthrough bleeding? Was I supposed to wait until I got my period to start a new pack of pills? And in two weeks when I start the placebo pills will I still get my period? And if not does this mean I am pregnant?