Okay so this needs some explaining. I'm on birth control (lo estrogen fe) and at the end of December/beginning of January I was about to begin the fourth week of my pack. Lo estrogen fe isn't the typical birth control pill though, it has 26 active pills and 2 inactive (I have had heavy periods in the past, this birth control is supposed to make it lighter) So even though I was about finish the third week / about to start the fourth week, I still had four active pills left to take. Well somehow I lost that current pack. I waited a day because I assumed it would show up, and it never did. So I just started a new pack and took two pills to make up for the one I missed. Well about a week ago I finished that new pack. My period was about a day late then I just got this dark brown discharge that lasted a few days and is still present but very very lightly even though I have since started another pack and am on the 5th day of that pack. Could I possibly be pregnant and this just be leftover old blood from the period I was supposed to get a little over a month ago? I'm concerned because I did have some spotting throughout the cycle which could have been implantation bleeding and my other concern is that I didn't get a real period. In the past when I have skipped my period once, the following period was heavy red flow for one - two weeks.