I was diagnosed a year ago with chronic sphenoid sinusitis. I had neurological problems with feeling as though I were in a car, bouncy, lightheaded, visual problems, sore eye sockets, crackly sounds in my neck and head but no stuffiness or blockage. I saw 4 neurologists, 2 ENT's and two practitioners who all misdiagnosed me. After an MRI revealing the problem I went on an antibiotic which cleared most of it but I still have eye symptoms. Doctors don't look for root causes or help unless you ask. I can't believe after the MRI no one looked at the obvious so I keep self advocating. I have a wooden hot tub that hasn't been cleaned in 4 years. There's mold in it and just yesterday I came across an interview with Julie Rehmeyer who wrote Through The Shadowlands. She had a chronic mycotoxin reaction that she figured out herself through forums like ours. Please look her up and examine molds. I wish all of you luck and please be your own detective, it's your body.