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I smell smoke all the time

Answered by a doctor

Tuesday,September 9, 2008 I smell smoke ALL THE TIME. Most of the time it smells like cigarettes and sometime it smells like somethings burning. By the way I don't smoke neither does anyone in my home. As you can imagine this is very annoying. I find myself always walking around the house sniffing...

by User avatar tnjmygss

Hard lump in my right nostril

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone have a hard bump inside nostril?. I was picking my nose one day when i noticed that i have a hard painless bump inside my right nostril. It's doesn't hurt...but im worried that it could be cancer??. I have been looking all over the web but have not found a good answer. The bump is like a...

by User avatar FootballEyes

tenderness of the bridge of the nose along with headache and neck pain

Answered by a doctor

I don't know what happened, but I noticed yesterday that the bridge of my nose is very tender to the touch. To touch my nose to wash or even to put on make up really hurts. I don't have any cuts, scrapes or anything on my nose and there is no bruising either. I have been teasing my fiancee about...

by User avatar mlfought

on recovery from horrible 1 year sinusitis thanks to Lugol iodine drops

I feel for all sinus sufferers. I visited this website multiple times ove the past year. Now as Im on recovery from sinusitis (still cant believe it!!) I want to share my experience. I have chronic sinusitis since I was 20, operated 4 times, maxillary cyst recurring (48 yr old woman now)....

by User avatar jjjohanna

Head Burns like too much chlorine in a pool...

Answered by a doctor

you know that feeling you get when you dive under water in a pool and suck the chlorine water into your sinuses? That burning sensation that travels all the way to the back of your head? When I get what doctors call a "migraine" this is the type of burning sensation I get, that lasts for...

by User avatar whimsywhit100311

I Can Smell Smoke All the Time

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I need advice, because something strange is happening to me. For the past two months I am smelling smoke all the time. I keep on asking people around me if they smell it too, but the answer is no. I smell it everywhere/ in gym, in office, at home… Does anyone have any advice what this...

by User avatar Guest

funny smell while having a catscan

Answered by a doctor

I've had 2 catscans on my head....and when the scan would start going i had this awfull smell come from my nose ....I cant even describe the smell but it was pretty scary...anyone have Ideas?

by User avatar Brad

Tightness/pressure build up in the bridge of the nose, NOT sinus related

Answered by a doctor

Sometimes after I have exercised pretty hard or have been looking at a computer screen to long I will get this pressure in the bridge of my nose that feels like someone is pinching it right where the cartilage meets between the eyes. I am not sick nor do I have any sinus issues and it doesn't result...

by User avatar Guest

Thick white phlegm from sinuses

Answered by a doctor

I have always had chronic congestion and sinus problems. Recently, I have either had a sinus/allergy "attack" or a cold (although no one else in the family has gotten sick). In any case, at the end of a miserable few days, last night I blew my nose literally for at least 7 minutes (it was...

by User avatar chronicsinusproblems

I have redness, swelling and yellow pus coming out from the left side of nose 6 weeks after nose job

hi its been 6 weeks since I had my nose job in Iran. now I have redness, swelling and yellowish pus coming out from the left side of my nose. the antibiotics I was given are finished and so is the ointment. i can not get in contact with my doctor because he talks Iranian when I went...

by User avatar Guest