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Researchers from the Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan suggested that people who ate a lot of bread are at greater risk of kidney cancer. They studied over 2,300 people with and without kidney cancer and looked at their personal and family medical history, lifestyle and diet over the past two years and then compared the data. The main goal of the research was to realize which foods increased the risk of renal cell carcinoma.

The comparisons and analyses showed that bread and possibly pasta and rice could be raising the risk of kidney cancer while vegetables and poultry reduced it.

Cancer Research UK reacted immediately to this founding and warned people not to be alarmed since this is the first time such claim and much more testing is needed to prove these statements.
Products like coffee, tea, eggs, red meat, fish, cheese, potatoes and fruit were found not to have any link to the kidney cancer.
The reason why bread, pasta and rise increased the risk probably lies in their the high glycaemic index. These foods could be raising blood sugar levels dramatically which could feed the growth of tumours in some way.
Until more research is done and these statements confirmed, being overweight and obese and smoking are still number one causes of cancer.


More detail needed to be given in this report, such as, how much and what kind of bread is eaten! I can see how eating a whole loaf of white bread every day would be harmful, but a reasonable amount of whole grain bread would certainly be beneficial. Specific details need to be given in a report like this, otherwise readers are needlessly alarmed.