Some scientists in US suggested that drinking a cup of coffee daily could have influence on reducing risk of developing skin cancer. They conducted a research which lasted for more than 15 years and included about 75,000 postmenopausal women in US.

Women were asked to fill the questionnaire about how much coffee and tee they drink and whether they were ever diagnosed with non – melanoma skin cancer which is the most common type of skin cancer that occurs as a result of sun exposure. Researchers also included information about each women such as age, body mass index, their smoking and drinking habits and whether they lived in sunny regions when the study was conducted.

Report of the study says that the woman who drank a cup of coffee daily had 5% lower risk of developing non – melanoma skin cancer and those who drank 6 cups of coffee per day had 30% lower chance to develop the same type of cancer.

However, researchers didn’t have an info on whether those women wore sunscreen or drank more or less coffee during the research.