Recent study found that increased exposure to sunlight can lead to advanced breast cancer. Research compared woman diagnosed with breast cancer to the woman who didn’t have breast cancer. All of the women had variety of natural skin color with a wide range of capacity to produce vitamin D in the body. Color of skin determines how much of vitamin D is produced in the body after sun exposure. If they spend the same time in the sun dark skinned people produce 10 times less vitamin D then the ones with light skin.

During the research sun exposure was measured and it showed that women with light skin who hadn’t breast cancer had significantly more sun exposure than the group with breast cancer. Difference occurred only in this group and because of that scientists suggested that it happened because of differences in vitamin D production and not because the women with breast cancer were sick and unable to go outdoors. Researchers believe that that sunlight helps in reducing risk of breast cancer because body seems to produce the active form of vitamin D when it’s exposed to sun.

In spite all of this, scientists do not advise women to try to reduce the risk of breast cancer by spending too much time on the sun because of the risk of sun induced skin cancer. They say that it would be the best to increase intake of vitamin D from diet and supplements. After all, it is the safest solution.