A new international research reveals increased incidence of breast cancers among women who were taking birth control pills before they got pregnant. The trend became apparent after studying the medical literature and practice notes.

The findings from 34 studies showed that women who took the pill before their first pregnancy were at 44 % increased risk of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer.
This risk increased to 52% if the pills were taken four years or more before falling pregnant with their first child.

Many women are unaware of the risk and are therefore not able to make the right decisions. At dark are especially those women who start taking the pills on their own without consulting their doctors.

However, many doctors as well failed to inform women of the risks or were not aware of the risk themselves.
Scientists and doctors agree that the Government should invest in female education regarding these risks.
Young women who are at increased risk of breast cancer already should be aware of the things that further increased their risk of developing the cancer.