Researchers from Boston’s Harvard School of Public Health have analyzed data from different researches and determined that the consumption of bacon and other processed meat raises the risk of bladder cancer.

Processed meats contain chemicals called nitrosamines. It has been announced by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that these chemicals cause bladder cancer. Nitrosamines are created when meat is processed at very high temperatures. When chicken is cooked with the skin included, smaller amounts of nitrosamines form.

The researchers have determined that those people who consume over 5 portions of bacon every week are more likely to develop the cancer that affects the bladder. Those who eat bacon regularly are at 60% increased risk of the cancer while those who eat skinned chicken have increased risk by 52%.

Unfortunately there are very few studies done to correlate processed meats and cancer risk. It hasn’t even been determined which meats are at more risk.

Health experts advise that eating balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, low fat and occasional read meat is the best prescription for good health as those people who eat a lot of meat also can’t do without fatty foods and binge on foods that are not rich in vitamins, avoid exercises and smoke a lot.