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I'm so grateful to have found this site. I was only on Effexor XR for a sum total of 12 pills of 37.5! I had six sessions of ECT and completely forgot to take the next weeks worth of pills. What a shock my body got after 3 days of not taking this hideous med. I thought I would just keep going off cold turkey, but I was on my knees begging God to help after 7 days. This is a dangerous drug and I cannot understand why it's on the market. Brain zaps, inability to get out of bed, horrible migraines, you name it. I am so worried about the emotional after effects. Please help. What is the wet finger method? I have taken fish oil capsules, Benadryl and carefully counted out 15 pellets for four days so far. I don't know how I'm going to make it.


My dear why dont you contact the company eniva who makes Elfexor.  Also when quitting a drug cold turkey is best done by dropping the dosage until you have none.  for example first day if 3 a day take only 2 a day for about 3 days then drop to 1 a day for about 3 days then take 1 pill every other day.  for about a week then 1 pill every 4 or 5 days,  then 1 pill about 2 weeks then none.  It may seem long and you can shorten the time span.