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Today is the day.

I have had every severe negative side effect listed. I've been suicidal for a while now, and it's worsening. Along with other negative and strong side effects.

Juleitt: I tapered off of Paxil for months, and when I stopped - I thought I was going to die. No exaggeration.

I neeed to know what to TELL my MD (not psych) what I need to get through this ....


I have been off Cymbalta for 4 days know and am not feeling well. There are times when I am dizzy and really down. Anyone know how long this will last?


I am now on day 18 of being off cymbalta it took me three months to taper off the 60mg dose that they said had no side effects BULL! I have had brain zaps ,nausea, mood swings depresion,my joints are kiiling me and it is all from being off this non addictive med can any one tell me when this will go away? I feel SOOO bad I am taking fish oil and drinking alot of water you would think after 18 days I would start feeling some better! :(


Dear anyone trying to get off Cymbalta,
(have also stopped and still struggling)

I feel this med nearly destroyed me, I got to a point where I couldn't function.. I was also taking Topamax at the time.
(i was wrecked after taking the combination for 7/8 months, and have taken 4 months to taper and stop.)

I was a zombie; too much sleeping, couldn't talk properly, couldn't find words, very forgetful (memory screwed), sweating, couldn't exercise (no energy), vision problems, and the worst... I withdrew from society to the point where I stopped leaving the house except for work, bad paranoia (people following me)... etc

I begged my p-doc to get me off or find another combination.. he was concerned about suicide and said lets "up the Topamax dosage".. i never went back to him.

Found new p-doc.. better now.. off Topamax and Cymbalta.
Taking Lamotrigine (generic) and although it has its own "things" its much better. (Bipolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety etc)

My advice for getting off Cymbalta:
take at night.
>If you are currently taking 60, open the Cymbalta capsules and take out a few granules at a time.
I mean 10 granules a week till you get to half.
(its a real irritating thing dividing up the granules but its worth it. Just keep going, it gets easier I promise!)
>Then ask p-doc for prescription for 30's.
Again, take out a few granules (1 or 2 a day) till you get to almost none.
Then stop and if you feel withdrawals (dizzy, tingly, brain zaps).. then take 3/4 granules right there and then and less the next time.

Withdrawals were so bad for me, i took 3/4 months to taper and have now only been free of it for 2 weeks (still have tingling hands and aching muscles, and a few scary brain zaps/swishes, some nausea).
So.. I went from 60 to nothing in 3/4 months! that is NOT quick.
and anyone who advises reducing the dosage faster is very wrong! the withdrawals are EXTREME!
If you are like me.. Don't go down by half, you will not be able to function.
SO... don't do big drops at a time (ie when I say take out 10 granules a week.. I mean like 1 or 2 less per day).. big jumps are not good.

Initially i tried to go from 60 to 40 in a week and i was a wreck; vertigo (really losing balance! and feeling like I was walking on a boat), aching, flu-like symptoms, vision problems, crazy brain zapping, and ITCHING feet!!! so bad i couldn't sleep, memory completely weird .. etc) there was MUCH MORE i am happy to forget. I don't know how I kept my job! That was another thing .. I was "punchy" I mean, argumentative,.. wanting to lash out.. hit something/one.. (bad).

Note: I take meds for Bipolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, etc.
: I was (until I stopped completely) on C/T for 1 year (It seemed to help for 2/3 months but I was a zombie after 7/8 months).. perhaps if you have been on it for less you could speed up the tapering just a little..

I strongly advise anyone to get off this drug (or not start it).. its not worth it.
My best to all!


I was taking 60mg of Cymbalta for 8 months to help with nerve pain. I finally had surgery and my pain went away so I just stopped taking Cymbalta after I ran out of my last bottle of meds. I had no idea I was supposed to be tappered off the stuff! In any case for about 10 days I thought I was losing my mind. I was crying all the time, couldn't focus, and was extremely moody. At the time I had no idea why. I realize now it was probably withdraw from Cymbalta 60mg to 0 in a day! So my advice is to hang in there. If you can get through the first couple of days, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Hope this helps...


I have been taking the max dose of Cymbalta for over 2 years now. I talked to my main doc about stopping it because I just didn't like the feeling it gave me. I was originally taking it because I have rheumatoid arthritis and the pain was making me terribly depressed. :'(
So she starts me going from 120 daily to 60. Brain zaps, increased depression, agitation, suicidal thoughts, can't concentrate (bad for a nurse!). I'm down to 30mg about every third day-when I can't stand the electrical brain zaps anymore. I think I am going to take the advice of the one who suggested taking a few of the beads out each day and continue until I run out - or go crazy!
I have found reading some of these postings, that I am NOT the only one having these same problems. I just hope I can get thru it without killing myself or my husband. I am trying to stay away from him until I can get thru this. :-( This scares the c**p out of me! Maybe I should go check in somewhere! %-)
Beware. Cymbalta may help at first but the side effects are not worth it. There are a lot of meds out there that will give the same relief without the terrible side effects. The brain zaps are the worst! :-) o.O

Thanks for a place to find some answers.


I had been asking my p-dr to go off meds after 1 yr of taking them. I am young, married and have 2 children and was sick of being dependent on meds. I started w Lexapro then was switched to cymbalta. I found that i gained a lot of weight, no energy, very tired and no sex drive. Of course the p-dr didn't want me to go off. I finally had to tell him that my husband & i were thinking of trying to have another child. Finally, we agreed that taking cymbalta while i was "pregnant" was not a good idea. I, not he, suggested that i go from 60 mg to 30mg. i thought my w/drawal symptons would be less. i knew i would have some symptons b/c just forgetting a dose or two led me to have nausea and severe lightheadness. I proceeded to ask if there was a lower dose or how i should be 'weened' off meds. he told me to abruptly stop taking the 30 mg. right then and there i knew he was not being honest with me and that he was more interested in seeing me fail than succeed. not a good doctor. i finally stopped taking the 30 mg about a week ago. i was excited at first b/c i felt great and i didn't feel many side effects the first few days. UNFORTUNATELY, i am now on my 5th day of SEVERE DIZZINESS. I CAN'T FUNCTION. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP B/C I DON'T FEEL SICK WHEN I AM SLEEPING but i can't b/c i am a working mother and life can't stop. I am EXTREMELY MOODY, FRUSTRATED. My husband has been trying to be supportive and says that he is proud of me for going through the w/drawal and that he knows how hard it is.. BUT I CAN'T EVEN APPRECIATE HIS SINCERITY BECAUSE I FEEL HORRIBLE. i want to pop one so that i can feel better but i know if i don't stick this out - i'll never know if i can be OK w/o the meds. depression runs in my family but i don't want my children watching me pop pills every morning just so i can function. i think i am going to try and get one of those natural remedies i have been reading about. HOPEFULLY, I WILL GET SOME ENERGY BACK SOON AND BEGIN TO EXERCISE WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO HELP ALOT WITH DEPRESSION.


Wow, I have been on Cymbalta for about a month now, and did not take it the last three days, I went through severe, and I mean severe mood swings, I even wanted to kill my wife, I am not kidding, it made me very angry and agitated, I was sick too my stomach, I don't have any and I mean any energy, my sex drive is next to 0. So yeas I agree with all the stories now I am scared as heck to stop, replace it with what..?


Pls try get off it..
take my advice above (12/22/07 ) !! slowly slowly taper.. (taking granules out!) promise... it is not easy!! I really did go through a private hell getting off.
and right now... take them again now... but less and keep tapering.. dont go off without a taper!
Ive been off for around 10 months Yahoo!! (now on lamotrogine).
I have my memory back, aggression & agitation under control, dont have to sleep every afternoon, more confident at work, etc etc etc (too many positives to list).
Joshua, find a P-doc that will listen and replace it with something else.... I can't suggest what, as i went through many different meds.
Lamotragine works for me... but it may not for you.
Best of luck, stay strong... and I really think you should show your wife (loved ones etc) these posts (print them out!!) on this website so that she / they can understand what you going through!!
try take omega3s and VitBs promise it'll help!! drink alot of water to detox.. sauna if you can (or steam baths) watch your caffeine and (if you smoke) cigarettes... i find when i smoke and have too much coffee my world tumbles.
ok, huge strongs to you! tell your wife. eat well.. keep going!


I was on the maximum dose of 120mg for two years due to my rheumatoid arthritis pain. I wanted to come off of it because I didn't feel it was helping me anymore not to mention I had gained about 50 pounds and could not lose it! :-( I dropped to 90mg for 3 weeks, then 60mg for 3 weeks then 30 for a few days and decided to stop. BIG MISTAKE!! I have never been so miserable in my life the past 7 days with withdrawal symptoms. I went back on 30mg and will gradually (by opening the capsules and taking out a few each day) detox this time. The nausea is the worst right now and the brain shocks! I am grateful my husband went online and found these blogs where other people have suffered the same thing. I though I was going crazy or about to check out................


I have been on Cymbalta for two years. I started taking it when a lot of c**p happened in my life within a year. I lost my job of 14 years due to reduction, I had a car accident, Gall Bladder surgery and my beloved dog of 10 years died all in a span of 6 months. My doctor thought I would benefit from taking Cymbalta. I took it for two years and I have been weening of it the last 4 weeks. I went down from 60mg a day to 60/30 every other day the first week, then 30 every day for a week, then 30 every other day, then 30 every 3rd day and it has been a week with no Cymbalta. The biggest side effect I have is Moodiness. I am extremely short tempered. I can't even talk to my mother-in-law right now that on a normal day irritates me, I am afraid to even talk to her right now because I feel like I will just go off on her! I have been really tired. I slept for about 6 hours during the day the other day. For the last two days I've had severe diarrhea that may be contributed by I haven't heard if that is a symptom. I keep yelling at my beloved dachshunds and have quarantine them to a different room right now. I don't even want to be in public incase I go into a rage. This really sucks! I thought if I did the weening off I would be fine and unfortunately that is not the case.


I have been taking Cymbalta for about 3-4 years, previous to that I was on 2 other forms of depression meds, so in all about 8 years in total.

I am on 60MG and about 2-3 months ago I decided I'm going cold turkey, I mean 14 years ago I gave up drinking due to being an alchoholic, which trust me is another battle in itself, but pleased to say not a sip in all these years, so how difficult can dumping cymbalta be......????.

This was probably the biggest errors in judgement I have ever made, but like all you guys I don't want to be popping these until the end of time. I had it firmly fixed in my mind that a couple of weeks and I will be waving my arms around in victory.

I have been prescribed Diazepam for as many years yeah it can be addictive but my Doc's did not see me as being a problem as I got my repeats on time, these are 5MG and do take the edge off of a lot of problems, like insomnia, the jitters, mood swings etc.

Within the first week of cessation I was jumpy at the slightest noise, moody, hostile, weak, breathless, palpitations, and remember that's one week.

2nd week dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, the zaps, increased weakness, out of breath after 100 yards, sweating, the list goes on, Yes I took the diazepam to compensate but when you get to six a day to stabilise, there is a big problem.

I paid a visit to the doc who simply said I'm not going to sit here and lecture you I think you fuly understand why we say don't do this, so I am back on them and stabilising I will then go through a six month reduction plan, the doc was right you been on them years what is six months going to do.

Their is no cast in stone statement that says it will take you 10 days to be clear, because everybody reactes differently, it's like losing weight the slower you lose weight the longer it stays off, the faster you lose weight the quicker you put it on.

I have never felt so c**p in all my life, that was an absolute nightmare, excuse the statement folks but I would rather belt sand my testicles than do that again. Guys I am with you I want to get of this stuff but if there is not an urgency to stop in two weeks then don't the longer you take to reduce the better you will be and then if needed you may need a small dose of something other than Cymbalta to close your nightmare.

God bless and good luck. >;) :-S ;-)


I have been on cymbalta 60 mg for two years now..I have been tapering my dose and am having a lot of side effects..i have a headache..feel very lightheaded and somewhat confused..i wake up feeling EXTREMELY confused as if i am drunk or hands and feet are swollen..i went from 60 mg per day and am now taking 40 mg per day..i WANT off of this medication! I would not suggest that anyone take is horrible when you decide you want to come off of it..i just want to sleep all the time..any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!


I have been on cymbalta for approx. 2 years following the death of my mother. I found them very helpful at first. Recently I found myself experiencing many of the things I was reading here. I was emotional, crying all the time, angry, weight gain and thoughts of just wishing I weren't here. I consider myself to be a rational person so it was very disturbing to be feeling these things. I WANTED TO STOP! I did my research and there was not much positive out there and I too was nervous about coming off - but hey how much worse could things be?
Here is what I found to be a HUGE benefit for me. I got a 30 day supply of detox and colon cleanse pills. I got them at sam's club for about 30 bucks. I stopped cymbalta cold turkey as I was beginning the detox. I am a firm believer that this has helped me experience very few side effects! Think about it.....we are tring to get this drug out of our system so detox makes sense. I have still had the brain zaps we all are familiar with but other than that I feel great!! In fact I have more energy than I have had in awhile. I do realize that cold turkey is not for everyone but I knew this was the route I needed to take. It has been about 2 weeks and I am so happy to be cymbalta free!! If the detox is the way to must do the colon cleanse with it otherwise it defeats the point of detoxing if you don't get rid of it!!


I'm going to try and come off cymbalta and topamax as well. What are the
brain zaps like?