Dutch researchers have concluded that folic acid supplements improve cognitive function in older adults.

It is known that the cognitive functioning, especially information processing speed and memory decline with age. The researchers showed that there was a way to slow down the process.

They randomly assigned 818 older adults in Holland, aged 50 to 70 years old, and gave them 800 micrograms of folic acid supplementation every day or a placebo for three years. All the study participants had low folate levels, as evidenced by elevated homocysteine concentrations.

After three years of taking either placebo or folic acid, the adults who took folic acid showed improved cognitive functioning, especially those functioning folic acid has impact on, memory and information processing speed.

The levels of folate increased 576% in people who were taking the supplements while homocysteine levels fell for 26 %.

Besides having such good impact on cognitive functioning, the same study showed that folic acid prevented decline in hearing low-frequency sounds over time.